Ukraine has been plunged into a devastating civil war over which it has no control now. The Ukraine army’s artillery and rockets are trained against its own people living in the eastern part of the country. The country is being inextricably sucked into the vortex of civil wars and fratricidal killings that the US and its allies, backed by the fire power of NATO, have been organizing in many other countries of Eastern Europe and Asia. Even humanitarian efforts are being blocked by NATO forces.

People have come out in large numbers in the eastern Ukrainian cities of Donetsk and Luhansk, as well as in other cities in the eastern part, demanding that Ukraine frees itself from its dangerous alliance with the European Union.
The Ukrainian army has been organising brutal shelling of residential areas and hospitals. Scores of civilians have been killed. Serious human rights violations and abuses have also been reported from the areas in which the Ukrainian army has regained control. With the full support of the US and NATO forces, the Ukranian army is treating its own people as enemies.

The massive propaganda that the US has unleashed justifying the bloodshed will make one believe that those who are fighting on the streets against the regime in Kiev are actually separatists and Russian agents. But nothing can be grotesquely false.

For months the US and its European allies have been demonising President Putin that he has instigated civil wars in Ukraine. The Prince of Wales and Hillary Clinton have compared him with Hitler, conveniently hiding the fact that what set this crisis in motion were those recklessly provocative moves by the US and its allies to absorb Ukraine into the EU. This was nothing but an effort to destroy the Ukrainian identity and suck it into the Brussels Empire.

The ill-placed logic of US and its allies that they have a right to interfere in the internal affairs of Ukraine to protect its sovereignty can never hold water. As a matter of principle no country has the right to violate the sovereignty of another country under the pretext that they want to save the country from “separatist” forces.

It is the bitter truth that it was US and Germany which egged their fascist agencies in Ukraine in November 2013 to spread anarchy and violence in an effort to destabilize the then regime in Kiev and force it to join the EU. These fascist forces spread mayhem under the cover of the propaganda of US controlled media that they are “patriotic” and “democratic” forces.

By February 2014, the elected government of Ukraine was forced to resign and a government was put into place comprising a coalition of fascist parties all openly demanding that Ukraine be part of NATO and the EU. Through a coup d’état, the US imperialists installed a puppet regime in Kiev. So much for the defence of Ukraine’s sovereignty!
No wonder that the people of Ukraine, especially in the eastern and southern regions, refused to accept the illegal and puppet regime of fascists installed by the US. They have been protesting since then that they do not want to be part of NATO military alliance. These peoples do not want to lose their independence and sovereignty. They have had close historical bonds with the Russian people, and refuse to be part of any plans on the part of the US to encircle Russia.
Feverish activities and a propaganda blitzkrieg are being organized by the US to shore up its credibility against increasing opposition to its interference. NATO Secretary General Rasmussen traveled to the Ukrainian capital, Kiev in the first week of August, to offer NATO military and logistical support to the Ukrainian army. And for that he was given the highest award of the Ukrainian state for foreigners, the Order of Freedom! In tandem, US President Barack Obama declared, “We have a whole package of support ready for the Ukrainian government and its army. We will continue to work with them, week after week, day after day, evaluating what they need specifically so that they can protect their country.”

In instigating a civil war, the US and the puppet regime in Kiev have been unleashing the wiliest of fascist forces. The UK Telegraph has warned that Kiev’s use of volunteer paramilitaries to stamp out the struggles, should send a shiver down Europe’s spine. It is reported that recently formed battalions such as Donbas, Dnipro and Azov, with several thousand men under their command, are officially under the control of the interior ministry in Kiev and being financed through murky channels.

“These battalions are made up of mercenaries, not volunteers,” said Sergei Kavtaradze, a representative of the fighting people in Donetsk in an interview to the paper. “They are real fascists who kill and rape civilians.”

The paper reports that US and its European allies have been pouring billions of dollars and euros into Ukraine to promote their interests: “not just to prop up its bankrupt government and banking system, but to fund scores of bogus “pro-European” groups making up what the EU calls “civil society”.

The European Commission’s own “Financial Transparency” website, reported that €496 million was pumped into Ukraine. The 200 front organisations receiving this colossal sum have such names as “Center for European Co-operation” or the “Donetsk Regional Public Organisation with Hope for the Future”.

The present puppet regime in Kiev is playing a dangerous game. Far from defending the sovereignty of Ukraine, it has openly handed over the keys of the country to the US and NATO forces. And like many other governments which went on this path, it is now inextricable caught in the poisonous web of the US and its allies.

The civil war in Ukraine will definitely lead to larger conflagrations in the region. For the US, the conquest of Ukraine is a part of its grand plan, a part of its Asia-Pacific pivot policy, to bring the whole of Asia under its thumb.

In the year of the 100th anniversary of the First World War, when millions of ordinary soldiers and innocent civilians were killed, this is also a time for retrospection of the people of Europe. They should not let their governments be lured into another devastating war by the US propaganda for a “democratic” world order.

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