img_0396.jpgThirty years ago, in the first week of June 1984, the then Government of India deployed the Army to encircle and bombard the Golden Temple in Amritsar, the holiest shrine of the Sikhs. Thousands of men, women and children, who had gathered to observe the martyrdom day of Guru Arjun Dev, were massacred. Helicopters were used to fire on thousands of people who were rushing towards the Golden Temple on hearing that it was under attack.


Remembering this horrific attack on the people of one religion and taking the stand that “an attack on one is an attack on all”, Lok Raj Sangathan which has been over these years spearheaded the campaign to punish those guilty of planning and organising massacres of innocent people, organised a meeting on June 8th in Delhi.

Welcoming the gathering of over 250 people, Shri. Raghavan, the President said – “We are reviewing after 30 years who was behind, to find the truth. 80% of the audience today is youth of whom many would have been born after 1984. You might have heard of this from TV and newspapers. Today you will learn about the truth. The older people here have the responsibility to explain to you what happened and why. The attack on the golden temple was a thoroughly anti-people act. Subsequently many were killed, in state-organised communal violence.

“People were attacked in the Golden temple – who were not criminals. The armed forces used helicopters and fired upon ordinary people indiscriminately. Even if there were a handful of terrorists in the Golden temple, what right does any government has to make the people the target of a full scale army and airforce attack? Why were so many troops sent there and why were helicopters mobilized? It was not an attack only on Sant Bhindranwalle or on some Sikhs, but it was an attack on all the people of India.

“We think that army and air force are for defending our country. But Indian army has perhaps killed more of their own people than any other force. Look at the North-east or Kashmir or Punjab. It was a premeditated attack. It was also not any ordinary day. It was the anniversary of the martyrdom day of Guru Arjun Dev when 10,000 people were present there. They brought out a white paper but the truth has not been brought out at all. People were killed like rats. They were thrown in nallahs and rivers. Afterwards also, hundreds of youth have simply vanished and anguished parents are still hoping that someday their children will come back. It is very clear that more than 10,000 people were killed. There must have been a purpose for this attack – It was for the State to teach a lesson to the Sikhs.

“Before 1984, people were fighting for their rights – for employment, for political rights. It was to crush the struggles of the people that this operation was launched. Indira Gandhi government said that they had no choice because the terrorists were going to create problem and massacre people in India. There is no evidence of this at all. Similar targeting has been done of Muslims and people of other religions caste and creed in other places too.

“It is not at all acceptable that on the pretext of getting rid of some terrorists innocent people can be killed; then there is no meaning of human rights and human dignity at all. The problem boils down to the conception of rights in the Constitution. If you look at the Constitution, at one place it will say that people have certain rights, but the remaining clauses of the same article will deny the very same right. The state decides who will have rights and who will not. Everyone knows that there is a colonial legacy of the laws in India – including UAPA, AFSPA.

“The British wanted to keep the people divided by inflaming communal passions. That makes it possible for the State to continue their oppressive anti-people rule. We have to fight the colonial legacy. Like the Jallianwalla bagh massacre, this attack was a even a bigger massacre. At that time it was the rule of the British, but Operation Blue Star was carried out by Indian rulers. People are supposed to have rights within this system, people are supposed to be able to elect and should have the right to recall those who they elect if they do not serve the people. However, the truth is that people do not have any rights or the power to stop such atrocities imposed on them. The political system that we learn of in the text books is far from the truth and the ground reality.

“Look at the elections, did any party in its manifesto raise the issue of punishing the guilty? No, there was no mention nor the intention to provide justice to the victims of 1984, or demolition of the Babri Masjid, or other crimes against the people. We cannot expect justice from this state. Some people are still asking for a white paper. Some people are saying we should approach the UN, and yet some others are saying that we should appoint a Truth Commission. Friends, we cannot depend on those who are in power. It is we the people who will have to unearth the truth ourselves; we cannot expect anything from those in power. Their view is that anyone who opposes the State will be crushed. We simply cannot believe the state or anyone else when they say that what happened 30 years ago was spontaneous reaction and could not be avoided. We should tell the truth that it was to break the unity of the people and to attack the people of Sikh faith. What they did was not against the constitution, which is based on the colonial rule to suppress the people.

“The media is revealing how various agencies were involved in the planning of the attack. MI6 and RAW had worked out the plan months before the dreadful days of June. At the world level they are justifying the attack. We have to be clear that it was not an issue of terrorism but the question of the rights of the people as a whole.

“All of us should talk and discuss who benefitted – people or those who are in power? It is a matter of shame that even after 30 years we have to fight for the injustices done 30 years ago. It is a long struggle. But we cannot give up. If we do not fight, then such injustices will continue.

“We are extremely sad and angry at what happened. At the same time, in the last 30 years, we have learnt a lot. At that time, many people believed in the propaganda of the state. But today, many people do not believe in what the state says to justify its atrocities. People have not forgotten the injustices and massacre of people in 1992-93, 2002, etc. ”The entire J&K and NE is under the army rule. They are strengthening the army and other forces to crush the people fighting for their rights. This is the policy of those who are in power and this we have to oppose. We cannot depend on the state to punish the guilty. We have to ourselves fight against state terrorism. We have to oppose the state which treats us like enemies. I want to urge everyone here to come together in the struggle for rights and justice. LRS welcomes anyone who wants to contribute to this struggle. It does not matter if you belong to some other organisations or parties. If you agree with the political aim that people should be empowered and occupy the centre-stage, so that human, democratic and national rights of all are protected, then come and join LRS.”

The next speaker, Shri. N D Pancholi, member of People’s Union of Civil Liberties who had been fighting for justice and truth for the victims 1984, said- “LRS has organised this meeting on a very important issue. When I got the invite, I felt that it was a good thing that there are people still in this country who do not forget, as the matter has not ended. It is important to understand the issue, raise questions, have discussions. It is important to dwell on this. Well before the Operation Bluestar, Punjabi people had been waging a long struggle. It was on political question of who will have control and have the power to rule. In this, the communal card was used to create conflict within the people. Indira Gandhi wanted to break the unity of people. Ignoring the demands of the people, including the demand for national rights, the Congress Party government at the Centre gave support to militant groups, and placed some people within the temple so that they could spread their lies about terrorists and communal propaganda. The Golden Temple is a symbol of unity of the Sikh religion, community; it was such a place, from which along with the people of Punjab many protested in strength against emergency. It was a very strong opposition and not a day passed without protests. This manifestation of strength within the Golden Temple was also troubling the State. The State used the media that it controlled to din into the heads of the Indian people that the Sikhs were terrorists.

“Our team spent many days visiting villages and towns all over Punjab and were really shocked by the information that people gave us which was just the opposite of the propaganda of the state. It was like turning truth on its head. The shots were not fired from inside the Golden Temple by the terrorists, but all the shots were fired by the state. We gave the report and that was published. However, on the second day the book was banned saying that it was seditious and will inflame communal passions. The massacre of Sikhs in November 1984 in Delhi, as well as the killing of thousands of Sikh youth in fake encounters were all part of deliberate policy.”

After further describing details of the truth, Shri. Pancholi concluded by saying that as people we have to unite and fight the Sarkar when it is wrong. This is our duty.

Comrade Prakash Rao, spokesperson of the Communist Ghadar Party of India, in his intervention, said – “Just because someone has a different political viewpoint is no justification for murdering them. The Indian state had no right to carry out the slaughter of Sikhs in the Golden Temple, and in other places in Punjab and Delhi. Our Party had a different vision of the solution to the problems facing the people of Punjab, and India then the vision of Sant Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale. However, we condemned the barbarous attack on the Golden Temple and the assassination of Sant Bhindranwale in no uncertain terms.

“Our Party launched a worldwide campaign to condemn the assault on the Golden Temple, and expose the disinformation campaign of the Indian state. Immediately following the attack on the Golden Temple, our comrades organized public meetings mobilising the masses against this attack, in London, Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa and other cities of UK and Canada. In Delhi and Punjab, under conditions of fascist repression, our comrades boldly postered and leafleted condemning the attack. So worried was the Indian state at the mobilization of the Punjabi community in North America and Britain by our Party against the Central State, that on June 23, 2014, the then President of India Giani Zail Singh advised the government to ban the Communist Ghadar Party. “Operation Blue Star represented a turning point in Indian politics. The Indian bourgeoisie, in its drive to become a world class imperialist power, wanted to crush the opposition of the workers and peasants. In service of their aim, their political parties such as the Congress and the BJP whipped up communal passions, to divide the workers and peasants along communal lines. Anti-Sikh hysteria was spread and the Sikhs were portrayed as anti-national, enemies of national unity and integrity. The political demands of the people of Punjab were treated as a “law and order problem”. In the name of destroying the “enemies of India’s unity and integrity”, the working class was called upon to line up behind the policy of state terrorism. “Turning truth on its head, the Sikhs were accused of planning to slaughter Hindus, where in fact, the Indian state was planning to slaughter people of Sikh faith. The Sikhs were portrayed as being communal, whereas in fact it was the Indian state which was deliberately whipping up communal passions against people of the Sikh faith. Further, the state deliberately organized the murder of innocent Hindus using turbaned undercover operators, and blamed "Sikh terrorists" for the same.”We must be very clear that the foundations of this state are communal. For the ruling class, targeting this or that community is a preferred policy, a way to defend its rule by keeping people divided. The bourgeoisie rules through both the ballot and the bullet. This is the experience of our people since independence. The bourgeoisie holds elections periodically so that when a Party in power gets discredited amongst the workers and peasants, then another party of the ruling bourgeoisie can replace it. Whichever party that comes to power in this system, will necessarily implement the program and policy of the ruling bourgeoisie. We must have no illusions about this. The Parties that come to power are mere management teams for the bourgeoisie. It is the bourgeoisie that decides which party to turn from a zero to a hero, and which from a hero to a zero for a particular elections.

“Elections do not change the state. They only lead to replacing one government of the bourgeoisie with another government of the bourgeoisie. As long as the bourgeoisie continues to rule, the exploitation and oppression of our people will only intensify. We must not have illusions that some clean party can come to power and actually solve the problems of workers and peasants.

“What India needs is that the working class and peasantry and all the exploited and oppressed to rise up and overthrow the present state of the dictatorship of the bourgeoisie and establish the rule of workers and peasants in its place. Our Party is working steadfastly towards this goal.”

Shri Rajvinder Singh Bains, Senior Advocate of Punjab and Haryana High Court, said – “False flag operation is used very often to deceive and fool the people. The government also used these. Bluestar operation was this kind of operation. They did propaganda that some terrorists had taken over the beautiful Golden Temple. They did not care for the Sikh votes which constitute only 2%; for them this did not matter in the electoral politics. Government used all means of propaganda to justify deprivation of rights of a whole community.

“People of Punjab have had a long history of struggle. Various invaders have come to loot and plunder India in our history. In the 19th century, it was for the first time the Punjabis stopped the invasions of these marauders. Punjabis were protesting peacefully between1956 to 1968 for Punjabi Suba (State of the Punjabi speaking people). The government manipulated the 1961 survey and forced the Hindus to declare their language as Hindi, although Hindus in Punjab also spoke Punjabi. The intention was dishonest and it was used to divide Hindus and Sikhs. It is similar to the situation in J&K where have never had honest elections.

“The Punjabi people were very active in struggle and many bore weapons. This was not to the liking of the Indian government and it made them the target of state oppression. They could have easily gotten the terrorist out of the Golden temple by stopping the food supply. But they wanted a big action to crush the Sikhs.

“The basic issues are quite simple. The issues could have been sorted out easily but they did not want to solve the problems. Their political aim was not served by solving the problems peaceful. The entire politics is dishonest. People have suffered because of it. However, by the time the people learn of the truth, so much time passes.

“An accused was killed in fake encounter. They wanted to manipulate the situation for narrow aims. All governments lie to the people for their narrow aims. Like Vietnam invasion by the US.

“Who is responsible for the more than 10,000 people who have been killed? It is very important issue for people all over India to know the truth. If people do not know then people can be targeted anywhere again and again. People are understanding more now.”

Rajvinder Singh reiterated in conclusion that the imperialists and reactionary ruling classes routinely use ‘false flag operations’ to crush the opposition of the peoples, blaming the victims themselves as the alleged cause. He explained by giving examples of the US invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq, and drew similarity to such attacks and the attack on the Golden Temple 30 years ago. He said always in such operations, the government in power claims that it was for compelled to undertake such an attack, just like the then government in India did by saying that it was forced to undertake the attack to “save” Hindus from massacre by Sikh terrorists!

Shri. Jarnail Singh, militant fighter for human rights and for justice to innocent Sikhs and their families who were massacred in Delhi in 1984, said – “Friends, I want to congratulate Lok Raj Sangathan to have organised a discussion on a topic that is so important. You will see in the media debates that one type of people considered the events to be atrocity of the Indian government and another larger section portray the events as something necessary to deal with terrorism.

“Why was it called Blue Star – it was because Akalis and Sant Bhindranwale used blue turbans. The Foreign Secretary at that time made a statement that Operation Blue Star has broken the back of the Sikhs. So the operation was against the Sikhs as a whole and not merely some terrorists.

“The politics of gaining votes on communal ground is being used in everywhere like in Badaun recently. Operation Blue Star was part of the same politics. They do not look at the contribution of a people but highlight one-sided views.
“There was a lot of struggle that had gone on for years by the Punabis to gain Punjab. It was only because of the contribution of the Sikhs in the 1965 war with the Pakistan, that India was able to gain the upper hand in the war. When people said that no one could defeat the Patton tanks, it was Sikhs who tied explosives to their bodies and lay down under the tank to blow it. Even when Punjab State was created, it has been deprived of its rights. It has been deprived of its own capital Chandigarh, water distribution has not been done according to riparian laws. Other states have got what they wanted but Punjab has been deprived.

“80,000 out of 1,40,000 arrested in Emergency were Punjabis. Punjabis were in the forefront of the struggle against emergency. Indira Gandhi wanted to take revenge of this by carrying out the Operation Blue Star. It was Punjab where the politics of communalism was first used in a big way. The demand of water for the farmers was converted into a communal problem. Sant Bhindranwale and Akalis were together raising these issues. Three times agreement was reneged by Indira Gandhi. Because she wanted to keep the problems festering and create the communal problem in Punjab. The demonstrations were for demands of the farmers, for Gurbani to be aired in Doordarshan, for stopping train in certain stations, etc. They created a different picture through their use of the media that they control.

“The Dharam yudha Morcha used to take bow down at the Golden temple to get blessings and then court arrest to press for their demands. They were not terrorists. The person slated to become the Army chief was not given that post because he refused to carry out Operation Blue Star.

“In Delhi why did the army not fire a single bullet to save innocent Sikhs if they could bombard them in Operation Blue Star? Fake encounters were being carried out. We need to have open discussions as to what is the truth. Those who were responsible for the killing in Delhi are still roaming free. Forgetting is not a solution. It is a disease. We cannot afford to forget.”

In conclusion, Jarnail Singh said, “We will have to make a system so that communalism cannot not be used by any leader or politicians. The media is willing to play with the powerful people. During the election, the whole power comes to the Election Commission. Like that we need to have is a committee to deal with communal violence which will have all powers. Why can’t a committee with all religions represented be formed? Why can’t honest officers take charge?”

Representatives from Sanjay Colony Lok Raj Samiti, New sanjay Camp Samiti, Sangam Vihar Samiti, Madanpur Khadar Resettlement Colony Samiti, Shashi Garden Samiti. One of the Samiti representative pointed out that the Indian State is adopting the same tactic as Hitler who planted a bomb in the German Reichstag and blamed it on the communists so that they can be massacred. Our history is replete with people who fought – whether it was Bhagat Singh, Bahadur Shah Zafar – but they were called terrorists by the colonial state and the present Indian State. There were many interventions between and after the invited speakers, wherein many young men and women spoke with their hearts and minds and also recited poems (see box). The openness and frank speaking of these interventions were welcomed with applause by one and all.

One of the young speakers pointed out that the govt is not stupid. They know who the guilty are – they will bring out white, black and blue papers to confuse us. People are not communal. They had been peacefully living in this land for centuries. It was the British who came to divide the people and ruled over them. It is the Indian state after independence which has inherited the colonial communal state. When people demand for employment and their rights, the government divides and imposes violence on us, to disrupt our struggle for rights. It is a method of the state. Even in 1984 massacre in Delhi, it was the government which was firing on the people. The neighbours of the victims were trying to help them. We cannot be confused about it – they try to tell that another section of the people is the problem not the state. We have to learn to unite and defeat the machinations of the state.

Concluding the proceedings, Sucharita Basu, member of All India Council of LRS, presented the resolution, to which several members from the audience reacted with suggestions and the resolution (see below) was adopted unanimously.

Sucharita said, what this meeting has established that – “It is the duty of the State to protect every citizen of the country. The State is duty-bound to defend every citizen’s right to conscience, that is, the right to follow one’s own beliefs. When the State unleashes force against people of a particular religious faith, it is a communal act and a monstrous crime against the people.

“Operation Blue Star was aimed at further communalizing the climate in Punjab and the rest of the country, rousing passions and setting people against each other on the basis of their religious beliefs. It was the beginning of an entire period of open state terror to suppress the voice of the people. A political movement of Punjabis, for national rights and for workers’ and peasants’ rights, was turned into a “law and order” problem.

“Numerous facts have come out which indicate that Operation Blue Star was planned and prepared over several months. The correspondence between the British and Indian governments as early as in February 1984 on this subject reveals that they were planning to attack the temple. There are statements of retired army officers about a military camp in Himachal Pradesh, where a model of the Golden Temple was erected for training crack commando troops on how to attack it.

“The Central Government headed by Indira Gandhi deliberately lied to the people about the real aim and pre-planned nature of this operation, about the scale of Army deployment and the number of persons killed. It lied to the people that the country was under threat from Sikh terrorism and fundamentalism and that there was no alternative to an army attack on the Golden Temple.

“The repeated occurrence of communal violence and state terror in independent India, sometimes targeted at one community and sometimes at another, shows that the colonial method of divide and rule continues to this day. Even the laws and criminal procedure code remain what they were in colonial times, treating the vast majority of Indians as criminals. Parties that rule in the people’s name wield the State against the people and get away with every kind of crime.

“Lok Raj Sangathan believes that establishing the truth about Operation Blue Star is an important step towards punishing the guilty and preventing the recurrence of such horrendous crimes. However, we cannot rely on the ruling party or any other agency of the existing State to establish the truth. This is because the existing State is based on colonial and communal foundations. It treats our people as enemies, just the way the colonial raj treated us.
“We also cannot rely on any international agency to deliver justice. This is because the most criminal imperialist states that practice racism, communalism and disinformation to justify trampling on people’s rights, are dominating world affairs today.

“It is only the united struggle of our people that can unravel the truth and open the path to a solution to the problem. We need to defend the rights of all, considering an attack on one to be an attack on all!”
Operation Blue Star, in which thousands of innocent people were killed by the Indian Army and the Golden Temple was desecrated in June 1984, was a pre-planned state-organised communal crime. It was a monstrous attack on our people and our unity, carried out by those in power, targeting people of one religious community and their holiest shrine.
Every member of Indian society has the right to conscience – that is, the right to believe and practise any religion, or not to believe in any religion. The State has no right to discriminate against anyone on the basis of his or her beliefs. It has no right to interfere in the religious affairs of any person or group of persons. It has no right to attack any place of worship.
The right to conscience includes the right to express one’s view about society and the State. Hence no person or group of persons can be attacked for expressing a view that is different from the view held by those in power.
On the basis of these facts and principles, we, the participants at this meeting organised by Lok Raj Sangathan on 8th June, 2014, resolve

  • to carry forward the struggle to establish the truth about Operation Blue Star;
  • to defend the right of every Indian to his or her conscience, and to oppose any attack on anyone’s right to conscience as an attack on all of us and our unity;
  • to work together for the creation of a State that will respect and protect the rights of all, including the right to conscience and all other human, democratic and national rights.


The Poems below have been reproduced here with permission from the poet.

लोकतंत्र की मौत

मरी हुई मिट्टी पर
गोलियों से गोदकर
नक्सली, चरमपंथी, हिंसक लिख देने से
सरकार सही साबित नहीं होती
न ही हिंसा की बहस पर
हिंसक हो चले चैनल
विकास की नई तस्वीरें दिखाते हुए.
कुत्ते के कान में चिपके
पिस्सुओं की तरह
अब खादी काट रहा है देश को
और तभी मिलेगा छुटकारा
जब सूत को साधे हाथ
तराशकर पैने कर दिए जाएंगे
साठ बरस में
देश को ठेलते ठेलते
गोबरैलों ने व्यवस्था को गोबर की गोली बना लिया है
हर दर्द, हर कराह के बाद
भूखे कौवों के तरह
ये टूट पड़ते हैं
अंतड़ियों के टुकड़े बीनने के लिए
जिनमें घंसा है टूटे सपनों का कांच
और हार, छल, षडयंत्रों के छर्रे
गांधी ने कहा था
हिंसा का रास्ता ग़लत है.
उसी दिन से
व्यवस्था बिना रुके, दिन-प्रतिदिन
हिंसा करती जा रही है
कभी बांध
कभी पानी
कभी रोटी
कभी इज़्ज़त
कभी जीने की वजह मांगते
मारे जा रहे हैं
जोड़ते हैं हाथ
और फिर तिरंगे, केसरिया, हरे…
हर झंडे की शक्ल बंदूक बन जाती है
गोली निकलती है
गांधी मरते हैं, लोकतंत्र भी
और अब
लोकतंत्र की कहानी
इतनी नकली, बेमानी और झूठी नज़र आती है
कि शमशान का कुत्ता
और मर्चरी की मक्खियां भी
इसपर भिनभिनाना पसंद नहीं करते
अब सांसों पर, जीवन पर,
रोटी, घर, आसरे पर
स्कूल, दवाखाने, पुस्तकालय पर
मेड़ों, खेतों और जंगलों पर
नदियों, झीलों तालाबों पर
किसानों, मजदूरों, कामगारों पर
बिन ब्याही औरतों, विधवाओं, बुड्ढों पर
नौजवानों, बेरोज़गारों पर
बाज़ार ने
लाद दी है एक लाश
जिसे पूरा देश ढो रहा है
और जिसका अंतिम संस्कार
कोई नहीं करना चाहता.

पाणिनि आनंद
16 सितंबर, 2010.

सैनिक कार्रवाई
चावल पछोरने के सूप से
कैसे रुकेंगी गोलियां,
इस सोच में
हसिया पत्थर पर हरा हो गया है
और आंखें,
सिंदूर से ज़्यादा लाल.

नए आदमखोर से
चिढ़ गया है पुश्तैनी हरामखोर
क्योंकि सेंध लग गई है
राशन में
शासन में
प्रशासन में
कोई और ताकतवर दिखने लगा है

कुत्ते भी
नहीं काटते अपने मालिक को
गाय दूसरे ठौर दूध दुहवाकर नहीं लौटती
बैल दूसरे गांव पानी नहीं पीते
सुअर तक पहचानते हैं अपना कीचड़, हाता
कबूतर, तितर, मुर्गे, सबमें बाकी है वफादारी
यह कैसा लोकतंत्र है
जहाँ मालिक असहाय है,
अपाहिज, अनपढ़, अनावश्यक
और अब दुश्मन भी

एकदम सही कहते हैं
दलाली के कागज़ पर छपे
ये तमाम अख़बार
देश में अब सैनिक कार्रवाई की ज़रूरत है

है… ज़रूरत है
एक सैनिक कार्रवाई की
दिल्ली से
ऐसे तमाम लोगों के ख़िलाफ़
पिछले छह दशकों से
गांव का सूरज नहीं उगने दे रहे
जो कई मन पहाड़ रोज़ खा जाते हैं
जिनके घर में एक पेड़ उनके हाथ का लगाया नहीं,
और जो जंगल पर अपना दावा करते हैं
जिन्होंने पोटलियों में बंधे पिसान में रेत मिला दी है
तमाम उम्र जिन्होंने मिल मालिकों, दलालों,
व्यापारियों, सटोरियों, हत्यारों और कारखानेवालों की वकालत की है.
जो आज भी सत्ता की सुराही में
लोगों का खून भरकर पी रहे हैं.
जो अपना डर फैलाने के लिए
ठोक रहे हैं, मर्दों को गोलियों से
औरतों को भी
जिन्हें ज़िंदा जिस्म या तो जननांग नज़र आते हैं
या फिर गुलाम.
जिनकी हर मनमानी क़ानून की किताब में सही है
और हर बेहयाई एक नैतिकता
(उन्होंने क़ानून की देवी को अपनी रखैल बना रखा है)

जिन्होंने नंगों, भूखों के वजीफे के पैसों से
अपनी औलादों को विलायत भेज दिया है.
जिन्होंने पानी में पेशाब कर दी है
उसे लोगों के पीने लायक नहीं छोड़ा.
तमाम लोगों के खिलाफ़
सैनिक कार्रवाई की ज़रूरत है

ऐसे तमाम लोगों के ख़िलाफ़
सैनिक कार्रवाई की ज़रूरत है
जो सेना के आम सिपाही की ओट में
सिखंडी बने
अपने स्वार्थों का रोलर चला रहे हैं
जो खो चुके हैं विश्वास
लोगों का
जनता का
आम आदमी का
और फिर भी उसके बाप बने बैठे हैं.

मैं पूछता हूँ भारत की सेना से
कि वो कबतक इस्तेमाल होती रहेगी
कबतक कुलबुलाएगी,
अपने ही गांव में गोली चलाते, लोगों को मारते हुए
कबतक इस्तेमाल होगी

कार्रवाई करो
एक सच्ची सैनिक कार्रवाई
अगर कर सको तो…

पाणिनि आनंद
06 जून, 2010


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