A Bilderberg member has told respected German magazine Cicero that the secretive annual confab, set to take place next week in Copenhagen, is more powerful than Davos, which is dismissed as “pure PR talk.”

An extract from an article in the June edition of Cicero, a Berlin-based monthly publication, quotes an unnamed Bilderberg member as stating (after translation), “Those sentences which really matter are being spoken out (at Bilderberg). You learn an incredible amount. Davos in comparison is pure PR talk.”

The admission is extremely noteworthy given how Bilderberg and Davos are treated by the media. Whereas hundreds of journalists travel to Davos every year, generating thousands of headlines, a relative handful barely even mention Bilderberg and if they do it’s usually only to denigrate its importance as little other than a bugbear for conspiracy theorists.

These excerpts have been taken from an article originally published in Global Research, to read the full article click on the link – Bilderberg Member Admits Secretive Confab More Powerful than Davos

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