Mayday meetings and programs were held all over Chennai by various trade unions. On the morning of Mayday, a gate meeting was held by the VHS workers Union at their hospital gate. Nurses and hospital workers attended the meeting. Red flag was hoisted by a senior nurse.

Com. S.Manidasan spoke of the deteriorating condition of the workers and staff in VHS Hospital. He also condemned the attempts of the management to split the unity of the workers by trying to build management sponsored union. However as in the past, workers will defeat such activities, he asserted. He called on the workers to unite to defend their rights. Com. Kabilan of Thozhilalar Ottrumai Iyakkam also spoke and greeted the workers on the Mayday. He emphasized the need for the workers to strengthen their committee and take up all issues of concern in that. Only by raising our consciousness, we can find solutions and succeed. Let us all work together to establish rule of the workers, he concluded. 

Com.Gandhi kumar proposed vote of thanks to all participants in the meeting. Meeting ended with militant optimism amongst the workers.


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