In the last one week following the news of the death of young Nido Tanya came to light, news after news of harassment of women and young girls from the North East is filtering in from different corners of Delhi. In Kotla Mubarakpur two young women were mocked, harassed and physically beaten for no reason at all. Just yesterday, a news flash reported the rape of a minor girl from Manipur in Munirka, New Delhi.

We condemn these attacks on the life and security of the peoples of the North East.

There is no doubt that this state which is supposed to take care of the security and lives of all peoples is doing nothing to stop such incidences. Nor it is doing anything to bring the guilty to book. We should never forget that the main perpetrators of crimes against women are backed and supported by those who wield power in our society.
The solution to the problems faced by women of the North East and women from all walks of life is not to depend or have faith on the false promises spouted time and again by those who are in power and who control the police and the armed forces. Nor can we have any faith in any more committees for protection headed by high officials in the bureaucracy, and having members of the army and judiciary as its members!

Women have to build and strengthen their own organisations, as well as take the lead in building and strengthening the united front of struggle of all the oppressed. Women must come forward to build sangharsh samitis, or committees of resistance and struggle, in the mohallas and bastis, wherever they live or work. They must create forums and mechanisms for women to raise their concerns, the concerns of their families and neighbours for a life free from violence, with security of livelihood, and for a decent human life. It is by building such local committees of struggle that women will experience their united strength and realise their resolve to change their conditions.

Such samitis, built across the country, will shake the foundations of the existing discredited, anti-people system of democracy, wherein the majority of people are used as pawns to maintain a rule that completely disempowers them. The committees of struggle run by the women and men of each locality can and must become the bodies that initiate the legislation for policies and programs that will shape the economic conditions of the people. Women need to be able to send their best fighters to these decision-making bodies, and enjoy the right to be able to recall the person they elected at any time.

Political parties must not be permitted to wield power in their hands. Sovereignty has to be vested in the hands of the people so they can rule themselves. Such a break with the existing political order is a necessary and crucial step in the struggle for the empowerment and security of women.

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