20140202_114608.jpgHind Naujawan Ekta Sabha organised an essay, drawing and quiz competition event at Sangam Vihar, New Delhi on Sunday, 2nd February, 2014. The topic of the event competitions was "after 65 years of Independence, which way is India going?".

More than a hundred young boys and girls participated in the event and showcased their understanding of the current situations facing them and their talent in all three sessions.

Children from age group of 6th standard and above participated in this event and were given topics to write essays on like – The importance of education in life, Issues we face in our colony, Issues we face in our schools, Martyr Bhagat Singh and his views, Why this discrimination between boys and girls?, The election system in the country, Is our country democratic?, Roots of corruption and Even after 65 years of Independence why is there unemployment?


The topics for the drawing competition included – scene from the colony, bazaar, children playing in the colony, view of a mela. The quiz which was held in the afternoon revolved around questions of current affairs in the country.

While the children participated in the event wholeheartedly, the passers by also took interest in the event and encouraged the children. A shopkeeper close to the venue was very touched by the efforts of HNES in organising the event and expressed his views (video).


Young organisers of the event ensured that the competitions were conducted in a joyful and encouraging manner, helping their peers express themselves. They shared their views on the organising of the event and the need to empower the youth (video).


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LRS, New Delhi correspondent.

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