Last evening’s interview of Rahul Gandhi with Arnab Goswami brings out clearly the disinformation that the Congress party and its leaders have been carrying out all these years. The much promoted leader of the Congress Party thinks if he says –“Congress govt in 1984 tried to stop the riots and that the government was not involved in 1984 “, we would just believe it!

Whose eyes is he trying to pull wool over? All of us have been witness to the Pogrom carried out by the Congress government, in which thousands and thousands of innocent Sikhs and their families were decimated. It was clearly state organised, and the Congress government was in power and fully responsible for every death, every rape and every attack that took place in Delhi and other parts of the country. Ample proof and evidence have been presented in the courts and in commission after commission and in committees. But the Congress has seen to it that all of it is suppressed and even after 30 years justice eludes the 1984 victims.

The politicians who led the massacre were instead promoted and became cabinet Ministers! The guilt lies with those who were in power at that time. Mr. Rahul Gandhi could not have forgotten that Rajiv Gandhi, who was Prime Minister at the time, made light of the pogrom, describing them as a reaction — “the earth always trembles when a big tree falls”. This genocide cannot and must never be forgotten. No amount of lies and disinformation can bury the facts. Organising genocides, sectarian massacres and pogroms has become a preferred weapon in the arsenal of various political parties to establish and consolidate their rule. The guilty must be punished!

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