New Delhi, 22 December 2013: Today the five candidates who were supported by LRS and other organisations during the Delhi Assembly Elections, visited the areas in their constitutencies like Batla House, Shaheen Bagh, Abu Fazl Nagar, Sanjay Colony, the railway siding and many more places to thank the residents and people for their response and time. People recognised the candidates from the election times and were fmiliar with the campaign as well. 

At the railway siding, the candidate received overwhelming response, where workers came up to him and talked about the important issues raised by the campign around minimum wages, etc. A young boy approached the candidate and said " this is the first time I am meeting people who think like me".

What came out clearly from this event was that people are more and more convinced that it is not simply a matter of changing parties who gvern us, but a system that exploites the people. The candidates distributed a statement which clarified further on what is currently happening in Delhi in the political senario.

You can read the thank you note by the Candidates here 

LRS Correspondent, Delhi

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