img_3679-web.jpgManifesto of the Candidates of Working People Highlights Rs. 15000 Minimum Wage and Punishment of those Guilty for Massacre of People. 

Thousands of leaflets of the five working class candidates, along with the manifesto of the Lok Raj Sangathan has been distributed in major working class areas of the Delhi covering every lane, by-lane, market place, resettlement colonies, in Sanjay Colony, New Sanjay Camp, Indira Camp, Transit Camp, Harkesh Nagar, Tekhand, Govindpuri, Kalkaji market, madras colony, Sagam Vihar, Tughlaqabad Railway colony, Pehladpur, Aali gaon, Madanpur Khader, Jasola Gaon, Shahin Baug, Abu Fazal Nagar, Batla house, Jamia Nagar, Sarita Vihar, Badarpur, and so on, covering the 5 adjoining constituencies. Apart from campaigning in the own respective constituencies, candidates have been visiting and helping the comrades in other constituencies, in show of unity with the entire working class.

Starting the campaign everyday at 8.00 am it goes on till late evening, with many working people and professionals working in nearby factories and offices joining early morning before going to their workplaces and offices and reaching the campaign venue straight after completing their days work and adding to the strength of the activists who are campaigning round the clock. Lok Raj Sangathan members from far flung cities have taken leave from their work places, to join the campaign underlining the importance of working together and learning from each other.

The thrust has been on the agenda of the working people, as against the agenda of the rich and powerful, who are pouring crores of rupees in high profile and expensive media and newspaper, while the working class candidates are making direct contact with the people addressing street corner meetings, meeting working class in groups, and discussing the issues and problems they are facing.





One of the key feature of the campaign has been demand for ensuring minimum wage of Rs. 15000/- for all working people – “nyuntam vetan 15 hazar, unsase kam milna hai bhrashtachar” (we demand minimum of Rs 15 thousand, anything less is outright loot and corruption). Terming the denial of minimum wage as the biggest loot and corruption, the slogan is catching up amongst working class, who are conveying the same to their fellow workers and comrades.
The issue of punishing those guilty and responsible of massacre of Sikh in 1984, of Muslims in 1992, 2002 and recently in Muzaffarpur is also attracting much attention and support from all communities, with many youth, some of them sons and daughters of the victims of these massacre, appreciating that Lok Raj Sangathan is seriously raising these issues, which every bourgeoisie party wants to brush under the carpet, only to be brought out for partisan politics.

Despite all odds posed by the existing electoral system which favours the parties and candidates of the rich, the activists are campaigning patiently, even meeting the candidates and supporters of rival parties, in the spirit of healthy political discourse, and encouraging them to debate the issues facing the working class. They bring out the point how the present political and electoral system divides working class into rival faction, whereas the issues of entire class are one. Instead of tailing behind the parties of the rich, and just be their flag carriers, the working class youth should become leader of their own class. Many activists and supporters of the rival parties express displeasure that their parties are not taking up the issue of working class and instead are involved in petty politics. They also congratulate the Lok Raj Sangathan has taken initiative to promote the candidates of working class.

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