November 26, 2013: Candidate of Lok Raj Sanghatan, Dharmender Kumar Varma, campaigned with a large team of activists in the galis of govindpuri today.

Thousands of leaflets requesting the people of Kalkaji Constituency to vote for the Battery Torch symbol were distributed door to door.

The streets of govindpuri reverberated with slogans:

Dilli ki samasyaon ka ek ilaj, lok raj, lok raj!

(Solution for the problems of Delhi, lok raj, lok raj!)

Dharmender Kumar promised the voters that he will fight for minimum wages of Rs 15000 and an end to the contract system.

What distinguished him from other candidates of parties of the establishment is his uncompromising stand against state-organised communal violence. He demands that the guilty of the 1984 and 2002 massacres should be severely punished.

The voters in govindpuri came out in large numbers to receive the leaflet and appreciated the slogans which were so different from the lies and false promises that the parties of the status quo tell the voters.

The campaign of the people’s candidate of Kalkaji constituency is really creating a fresh and powerful wave in the electoral campaign in the constituency.

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