Main Resolution

We, the people who have gathered in Delhi on 15th September, 2013 to celebrate Ghadar Centenary,


Observe with concern that


The labour and resources of our people are still being exploited and plundered by native and foreign capitalists;


Our society is still to be liberated from imperialist plunder, national oppression, capitalist exploitation, feudal bondage and the degradation of human beings on the basis of caste and gender;


The rulers of our country defend her loot and plunder, unleashing brute force to silence those who resist this injustice.


We conclude that


The goal and aspiration for which Hindustan Ghadar Party was formed, the liberation of Indian society from all forms of enslavement, exploitation and oppression, is still to be fulfilled; and


Resolve that


We shall continue the struggle to achieve a radical rupture with the colonial legacy; and to lay new foundations for a civilised India that respects and defends the rights of all members of society and all constituents of the union, and guarantees prosperity and protection for all.


Resolution on “No to imperialist war against Syria!”

This meeting unequivocally condemns US imperialism for threatening to launch a war of aggression against Syria and her people. We call upon the people of our country and all political forces to unite and oppose imperialist war against Syria. We demand that the government of India take a firm stand opposing US war against Syria in all international fora. Let us unite with all the peoples of the world to prevent the imperialist war against Syria.

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