The Chairman/Registrar
CERC,New Delhi.

Sub: Your advertisement on page 17 of Times Of India dated 17/8/13

Dear Sir,
Am shocked to note the following and how was this released by Mr A.K .Saxenaji’s signature as Chief (Engineering)CERC.

1) Size of the Advertisement :
Kindly note the SIZE.This is when smaller organization in POWER have much larger size and columns kindly refer to Gujarat Electricity Commission on the same page for your ready reference and perusal when this a Regional body and CERC is a NATIONAL APEX body of the CENTER.Even an OBITUARY is of a respectable size not what you have released. the motive is obvious.Sir even earlier CERC had done this and had pointed the same out on several occasions earlier Sir.How long would CERC continue to these act of invisibility form the Consumers Sir who would bear the burden of your repeated over sight?

2) Grid Regulations:
Sir this effects the NATIONAL CONSUMERS and this is how this is treated when the efficiencies of the GRID would reflect finally on TARIFFS.Had this been done earlier after 66+years of Independence we would not have a National Grid failure in 2011/12

3) Time :
Kindly note the days you have given for the date of (22days) TWENTY DAYS for such an IMPORTANT issue.When the State Electric Regulatory Commissions average give over SIX WEEKS do kindly ascertain the same and Urban Ministry for the Mid Term Plan review gives over SIX Months.Hers a major issue is at hand and you want to wrap up the same in TWENTY DAYS great commitments to the tax payers money and the the Power sector and the Nation,the stake holders and the Society of which you are also a part Sir. So you wish to quietly do away with the same Sir and adjust the vested interest which is evident for this release Sir.

I would like you to reconsider the same and kindly release advertisement of at least a quarter page in all National dales-Not only English but also in Hindi ,and all other local languages so that the rest of the PUBLIC all over INDIA can respond to the same Sir.

The time should be accordingly extended to minimum FOUR to SIX Months .
Hope you would not let the PUBLIC and INDIAN stakeholders down on this
Wishing you and family and all at CERC Janmasthmi Ki Shub Kamans!

Thanking You!
Yours Sincerely
Advisor IEEMA/DERC(SAC)/IESL/DMA/Valmaki Samaj/Uttarkahand Labour Unions/Rickshaw Unions/Jat Maha Panchyats etc
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