The central government is clearly not able to answer the people’s questions about the failed Koodankulam project and they find it hard to justify the utter waste of public money on the non-performing KKNPP. As the People’s Movement Against Nuclear Energy (PMANE) has written to the Comptroller and Auditor General of India (CAG) to do a thorough and comprehensive financial audit of the KKNPP, the central government is also afraid that more corruption scandals may tumble out of its ugly closet. In order to divert the attention from themselves, the central government and its intelligence agencies are making a big issue out of one Mrs. Ambika Thavasikumar from Vairavikinaru village near Koodankulam receiving some Rs. 30 lakh from an individual, Mr. Joshua Anand from London.

Mrs. Ambika’s husband, Mr. A. Thavasikumar is a ward member in the Koodankulam panchayat and has nothing to do with the PMANE Struggle Committee. He was recently booked under the Goonda’s Act mainly at the instigation of Mr. Sandal Muthuraj, the Koodankulam panchayat president who has been nurturing political rivalry against Mr. Thavasikumar. Mr. Tavasikumar has already informed the press that the money his wife has received is meant for buying a property for his friend in London. Authorities can easily verify the antecedents of this transaction as they know the remitter and the receiver.

As the PMANE has announced protests on the Fukushima Day, March 11, 2013, the governments and the intelligence agencies try to undermine our struggle with their usual foreign money propaganda.

Just because a popular struggle is going on in the vicinity, people are not legally prevented from money transactions, buying properties or doing business. Some 2,27,000 people in our area have been charged with various offences with regards to the anti-Koodankulam struggle. Are we all supposed to close our bank accounts and stop dealing with money completely?

It is pertinent to note here that the same Congress government and its notorious Finance Minister exempted any financial probe against Mr. Robert Vadra when he was accused of amassing wealth worth over Rs. 300 crores in Delhi area. Is 300 crores smaller than 30 lakhs? Why does Mrs. Sonia Gandhi refuse to disclose her family assets and income details under the RTI? Why don’t the Indian intelligence agencies probe the various scandals and corrupt deals of the Congress ministers and politicians?

The PMANE would like to re-assert yet again for the umpteenth number of time that we have not received any money whatsoever from any Indian or International NGOs, corporations or individuals for the anti-Koodankulam campaigns and protests. Instead of wasting their precious time and energies on this kind of futile exercises, the governments and their intelligence agencies may better probe the illegal wealth and incomes of the various political leaders and ministers in India.

The Struggle Committee
The People’s Movement Against Nuclear Energy (PMANE)

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