Jan Sunwais (People’s Courts) in Thane District (Maharashtra) regarding inadequate ration in Public Distribution System

pagda1.jpgFor the past two years the people of Padgha, under the leadership of their Lok Raj Samiti, have taken up the struggle for ration quota through PDS.

They have not been getting the 15 kgs of grains for orange card and 35 kgs of grains for below poverty line card, due to them as per the Supreme Court order. Sugar and Kerosene have almost vanished from the ration, without any GR (government regulation).

People under the leadership of LRS have given many petitions and held demonstrations in front of the Tehsildar, DSO (District Supply Officer), Collector office, and so on.

Jan Sunwai is another attempt in this direction.


Image: The people deposing at Kawad, in front of Mr. Soheb Lokhandwala, Advisor to the Supreme Court on ration issue

The Jan Sunwais on 2nd December was held in the presence of Mr. Soheb Lokhandwala, an Advisor to the Supreme Court for Ration.

A huge turnout of women and men deposed that they were getting inadequate ration and intimated their willingness to take the good quality ration under the PDS.

They demanded that they should be given kerosene, sugar, dal, etc. which they are not getting for the past two years. Many people want their ration through the PDS.

They are very unhappy about the introduction of cash for ration scheme, and want it stopped immediately.

They want the government to not only improve the system but ensure to provide all essential items through it.

The PDS system is a right under the Constitution of India (right to life). The people decried the weakening the system by allowing unscrupulous elements to loot in it and also condemned the legal divide the people by making it more targeted in the name of improving the PDS.

The people have resolved to persist in their struggle until their just demands are met. 


Image: The Ex Deputy Sarpanch of Padgha promising to fight for the just demands in Jan Sunwai, while the people of Padgha attentively participate in the Jansunwai


Image: People from the viallge of Vaghivli  deposing in the Jan Sunwai


Image: A leader of Lok Raj Sangathan in the Padgha Jan Sunwai

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