The Campaign to punish the guilty of 1984 and ensure justice for the victims of the terrible genocide of Sikhs has spread not only to all parts of our country, but to foreign lands as well.

In particular, Canada, which is host to the progressive and patriotic traditions of the Ghadar movement, has seen a massive groundswell of support for the campaign.

News of the campaign in India which is broadcast on a weekly basis by the Jaago radio in Toronto, is enlightening tens of thousands of people to the Campaign. It must be noted that Shri Birju Nayak, Secretary of the Lok Raj Sangathan, and one of the key members of the campaign, is the Delhi correspondent of Jaago Radio.

Meanwhile, a delegation of the organizing Committee of the Campaign is now visiting Canada at the invitation of progressive and patriotic organizations of Indians, including Ghadar Heritage.

The delegation consisting of Shri Jarnail Singh and Ardumanjit Singh has received an extremely warm welcome amongst the South Asian community in Canada, cutting across communities and religious barriers. The delegation has been addressing numerous meetings of the community. In their speeches, they have pointed out three important features of the campaign.

These are that the people of our country, irrespective of their caste, creed or nationality, are united in their demand that the guilty of 1984 be punished and justice ensured for the victims.

Furthermore, the people have rejected the terror tactics of the rulers, their divide and rule policy of pitting one community against another, as well as the plea of the apologists of genocides that people must forgive and forget.

Furthermore, the, youth of the country have taken up this campaign as their own in full earnest. It is the youth, those in their twenties and early thirties, who are the backbone of the campaign. This is a victory for the persistence and work of the older generations who have fought against tremendous pressures to carry this important struggle of our people forward. It shows that our struggle for justice will surely succeed.

On Sunday, November 11, 2012, Shri Jarnail Singh spoke live on Jaago Radio. His powerful message, immediately following that of Shri Birju Nayak, was widely appreciated by the South Asian community.

On diwali day, November 13, the delegation addressed meetings in the Hamilton area.

An important meeting of the organizers of the Campaign in Canada with the delegation is scheduled for December 15, 2012.

The development of the Campaign to Punish the Guilty of 1984 in Canada is a harbinger that South Asians will never rest until the scourge of state organized terrorism and communal massacres is destroyed once and for all.

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