img_4215.jpgPeople are showing that they support a just cause! More than 5000 signatures were collected today in a day-long petition signing campaign outside Chhote Sahebzade Gurudwara, Jail Road. Activists from the campaign including LRS, worked tirelessly from 10 am to 11 pm and collected hundreds of signatures all adding to the ever-ascending call of “Punish the perpetrators of 1984!”.

LRS members and those from partner organizations were full of energy as they spoke to people! With the momentum that the campaign is building every day as we witnessed today, this number will surely rise to record figures! Support the campaign in whatever way you can, talk about it to your friends, Like us on Facebook, come out and participate in this week’s events and rally at Jantar Mantar with us on the 3rd of November. This is democracy in action: people actively participating and questioning the polity and supporting the truth!

(pictures courtesy: ASYO Photography) We Thank ASYO Photography for sharing images with us.

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