Pictures tell stories with great eloquence. This was proved through the photo exhibition prepared for the Forgotten Citizens Campaign 1984 which began its journey from Jalian Wala Bagh on 21st October. The exhibition was displayed in front of a Gurudwara in Model Town in New Delhi on 27th October. Hundreds of youth, intellectuals and working people viewed the exhibition which gave a chilling glimpse into the horrors of state organized violence.

There were images of homes brunt down, corpses on the streets and children being killed in the 1984 massacre. What moved the hearts of one and all who attended the exhibition was when the victims of the violence, who had come for the exhibition, recognized their Mahollas (neighborhood) and the homes of people who had given them refuge, in the images. Everyone who attended the exhibition witnessed the ethos it wished to convey, i.e. a tireless struggle for justice.

The exhibition will be traveling through Delhi till the 3rd of November, when it will reach the Parliament House.

Come understand the real history of the 1984 massacre!
Come to Jantar Mantar on 3rd November at 3:00 pm!


Images will be displayed soon

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