September 24, 2012: The PPSS condemns in strongest terms the evil design of POSCO and the state government to mislead public opinion by suddenly declaring the so called Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)  package of Rs 2000 million for peripheral development as if the resistance of our people is based on narrow economic interest or opportunism and as if we all have been waiting just to hear a CSR package. Where does the question of peripheral development arise when the project itself is facing serious resistance and thus has become uncertain? They are not yet able to explain to us where they spent Rs 3000 million, the claim they have been making in every possible forum. This is how an unholy empire of criminals, crooks and wrong doers is building with the full complicity of the administration.  

There is also an ill motivated campaign going against the people by making false assertion that out of the required 4000 acres of land the company has already got 2000 acres. We don’t know who has got this figure and where are the lands? The PPSS is aware of the fact that all the cultivable land and forest land that was under the occupation of the people earlier are still there now even in the so called project area.  All kinds of false propaganda, intimidation, false cases and threats of forcible eviction has not demoralized our people and they are doubly determined to take the struggle to its logical end that is till POSCO is driven out of the soil.

We fail to understand why a democratically elected government is so arrogantly going against its own people and working day and night for a profit oriented multinational having no commitment to our people and this country! The National Green Tribunal has already objected to the project. Both the center and the state governments have gone mad after POSCO and are not even willing to respect judicial and quasi-judicial bodies. Democracy and our right to dissent and protest are being brutally assaulted by the so called democratic government of the state.

We appeal all friends, well wishers and fellow fighters to expose the hypocrisy and misleading campaigns of the state and stand firmly with us till the demon POSCO is out of soil.

Abhya Sahu
Chairperson, Posco Pratirodh Sangram Samiti 

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