Dear friends,
We have had an excellent session in the morning and afternoon. The quality of interventions on the Secretary’s report has been extremely good. It is heartening to see that so many people intervened based on their own experience in building our organization in various areas of the country. Many others could not get time to intervene due to shortage of time. All this shows that our organization is a vibrant organization which has seriously taken up the task of building organs of power at the base of society. I am sure that we will redouble our efforts towards this task in the coming period.

As the Report to the Convention clarified, the existing Constitution and political process are acting as a stumbling block for vesting sovereignty in the hands of people. What is required is a thorough renewal of democracy in India. LRS has already taken up this task and it will definitely gather speed in the coming period. How far we go ahead, how effectively we will reach the people depends on how strong our organization is. So, we have to pay first rate attention to the work of strengthening the All-India Council, Regional Councils and the samitis. We have to build the organization in new areas.

Next year we will be celebrating the 20th year of founding of CPE. The general elections are due in 2014. We have to definitely gear up for these events and use them to popularize the aim and program of LRS.

We have come very far in these 19 years or so. In this we cannot and should not forget the vision of the founders of CPE and LRS. It is because of their tremendous effort that LRS has grown to this stature. Stalwarts like Justice Krishna Iyer, Shri T S Sankaran, Justice Hosbet Suresh, Shri Rajni Kothari, late Justice Daud, Justice Ajit Singh Bains, Shri Taware, have all contributed immensely to the growth of this organization and stood with us during our trials and tribulations. I take this opportunity to salute their work and remember their contributions fondly.

I thank all of you for having come so far, many of you from thousands of miles away, and participating wholeheartedly in this Convention.

Wish you all a bright future.

By admin