The US imperialists are pursuing an aggressive course, through the policy of threats, sanctions, blackmail and outright military intervention, to deny the sovereign right of nations to determine their own economic, political and military program. Any country that seeks to resist and therefore poses a roadblock to US imperialism’s plans to exercise its domination over resources and markets all over the world, is being targeted as a threat to democracy, to world peace. European imperialist powers such as the British, French and German imperialists are part of this US imperialist led aggressive course. The aggression and occupation of Afghanistan and Iraq, the aggressive interference in countries such as Lebanon and Syria in the name of “regime change”, the threats, blackmail and sanctions against Iran, Pakistan and North Korea – these are just some examples.

Various other imperialist powers, including the Indian ruling class, are colluding as well as contending with these powers, in an attempt to expand their own control and influence over key strategic resources and markets in different parts of the world.

These developments are posing a grave threat to the sovereign rights of nations and peoples and to peace and security in Asia and other regions of the world.

The 6th All India convention of LRS condemns the aggressive US imperialist led course of threats, blackmail, sanctions and military intervention, as a blatant violation of the sovereign rights of nations. It condemns the collusion and contention of the various imperialist powers with the US imperialists, which is threatening the peace and security of nations and peoples. It calls on our people to raise their voice against this aggressive imperialist course and stand firmly in solidarity with the nations and peoples that are today being targeted by the imperialists.

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