The popular opposition to the all-sided offensive of the monopoly capitalist ruling class is being witnessed today in numerous struggles of all sections of the people.

This situation presents enormous potential for LRS to expand the scope of our work by actively intervening in these struggles, in defence of the rights of the people. It provides us enormous possibilities of taking the program of LRS widely among the fighting masses and building and strengthening LRS as a popular mass organization actively working for the empowerment of the people.

We have to find innovative ways to spread consciousness among the people that only when we have political power in our hands, when we have the right and the mechanisms to take and implement decisions that affect our future, to make and implement laws to safeguard and enhance our interests, only then can we hope to put an end to these all-sided attacks on our livelihood and rights and march towards a brighter future. As long as the monopoly capitalists continue to rule, they will set the agenda, dictated by their greed for maximum profits, no matter which party or coalition of parties is in power.

We have to utilize every opportunity to build the fighting unity of the people around the positions of LRS, in opposing price rise, the monopoly of a handful of giant multinational corporations over wholesale and retail trade, the forcible land acquisition policy of the government in the interests of the capitalist monopolies, the privatization of public sector undertakings and even basic amenities such as electricity, water supply and sanitation, against state terrorism including state-organized communal violence and communal and divisive propaganda, for guaranteed state procurement and stable and remunerative prices to the peasants for their produce, for a universal public distribution that will guarantee availability of not only food grains but all essentials for a nutritious diet and all other essential items of mass consumption, in good quality and adequate quantity, at affordable prices, for all sections of the people.

We have to build and strengthen the Lok Raj Samitis among the people and build our organization, LRS, while actively participating in the struggle on all these issues, with the clear perspective that only when people are empowered will they be able to organize the economy and society in their own interests.


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