invites all groups and individuals to join an urgent protest demonstration at Tamil Nadu Bhawan, 22 March, 12.30 PM, against the unfolding crackdown on the Koodankulam movement, in the wake of TN CM Jayalalithaa’s Cabinet decision to commission the plant.

Please join with your banners, placards, leaflets…

Sucheta De,
JNUSU President,

Abhishek Yadav,

Resist UPA and Tamil Nadu Government’s Lethal Design to Foist Koodankulam Nuclear Plant On Local People Using the Might Of State Repression!

An Urgent Call for Protest at Tamil Nadu Bhawan, 22 March, 11am

  • Against the Intensifying Police Repression on Villagers and Activists Resisting Disastrous Koodankulam Nuclear Project!
  • Demanding Release of All Protestors and Leaders and
  • Withdrawal of Tamil Nadu Cabinet Resolution Giving Go Ahead for the Koodankulam Project!


Tamilnadu CM Jayalalithaa, who had earlier ‘distanced’ herself from the Koodankulam project and ‘sharing’ people’s safety concerns, has made the expected about-turn to give green-signal to the Koodankulam Nuclear project, as soon elections in the neighbouring assembly constituency of Sankarankoil got over on March 18. Her cabinet has just declared that its safety concerns have been allayed, and that the TN government will soon commission the plant.

On cue, 6000 armed policemen, led by Tamil Nadu’s Additional Director General of Police (ADGP), 3 DIGs (Deputy Inspector Generals) and 20 SPs (Superintendents of Police) have unleashed a massive crackdown operation that can turn up into a state-sponsored carnage of its own civilians.

Thousands of police have surrounded Koodankulam and Idinthakarai. Hundreds of villagers marching to Koodankulam are being threatened, harassed and arrested. Also several key leaders of the movement including Advocate SivaSubramanyam, and Rajalingam have been arrested and charged with sedition including Sections 121, 121A and 153A.

According to the posts from local people, police and para-military forces are terrrorising people by marching into the villages every now and then. Police have clamped down Section 144 in our area prohibiting people from congregating in any manner. Despite this curfew, people keep coming to Idinthakarai by boats and on foot.

In view of this unfolding crackdown, which is intensifying every moment, JNUSU is calling for a United Protest Demonstration at Tamil Nadu Bhawan at Chanakyapuri in Delhi, on 22 March (Thursday) at 11 am in solidarity with the fighting people in Tamil Nadu. JNUSU demands the withdrawal of the Tamil Nadu cabinet resolution giving sudden green signal to the Koodankulam project. JNUSU demands an immediate end to all forms of crackdown, harassment and arrests of villagers, peaceful protestors and leaders of the anti-Kundankulam movement and scrapping of this disastrous project.

We appeal to and invite all concerned individuals and groups to participate in the Protest of 22 March with their banners, placards and handouts.

Let all of us in Delhi register a resounding protest against the police brutalities, repression and nuclear jingoism that is being played out in Koodankulam today.

Sucheta De,
President, JNUSU 


22 MARCH 2012
12.30 PM

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