All peace loving people across the world must condemn in no uncertain terms the brutal murder of Col. Muammar Qadaffi towards the end of October 2011. After initial claims that he was killed in cross-fire and from wounds sustained in a firefight, there are now indications that he was summarily executed in cold blood by so-called `rebel fighters’. The reactionary international media is celebrating what they call the end of civil war in Libya and there are moves afoot to recognize the so-called National Transitional Council as the legitimate government of Libya. Before the murder, the US imperialist bloodhound Ms. Hillary Clinton had visited Tripoli and had called openly for the assassination of Qadaffi.

It has been pointed out by several observers that right from the outset of the civil war that the NATO, France, Italy, UK and the USA have sensed an immense opportunity to get their claws back into their lost empire. The fact that North Africa and Middle East have the world’s largest proven resources of oil have made their control of immense importance to these rapacious imperial powers. Any regime opposed to their activities would come sooner or later into their cross-wires. Col. Qadaffi has been one such now and in the past. It is clear that his regime will be replaced by a client regime of toadies and traitors which will put the interests of imperialism and big oil companies ahead of the interests of their own people. The fact that in the civil war they have openly courted the support of imperialism exposes their true intent right from the beginning.

Secondly, the fall of the Mubarak regime in Egypt, viz., that of a toady created an immense disequilibrium in the camp of the US. Thus it became important for the US to immediately fish for alternatives and also to meddle in the affairs of the region. The events in Egypt have to necessarily be seen in this light.

All this will bring no solace to the common people of the imperialist countries. They continue to lead uncertain lives with the economic crises there showing no signs of abatement. Many have predicted that as the crises worsen, the ruling circles in these countries will increasingly resort to violence at home and overseas and will precipitate wars to divert attention and to go from one crisis to another.

The people of the world have very little to rejoice at the turn of events in Libya. Any interference from foreign powers has brought only disaster to the peoples of any country. This has always been the case and will always be the case.

All peace loving people in India must condemn imperialism and take note of the innate barbarism of the world system. They must unite to ensure that there is a future for the people of India and for the people elsewhere. The murder of Col. Qadaffi must be condemned by one and all.

by B. Ananthanarayan

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