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As of 7 October 2011, the 10th Anniversary of the US invasion of Afghanistan , the human cost of the Afghan War has been estimated as about 1.4 million violent deaths and 4.2 million non-violent avoidable deaths from Occupier-imposed deprivation, a total of 5.6 million war-related deaths. A detailed and documented Afghan War Human Cost Fact Sheet has been prepared to assist humane public discussion of the ongoing, US Alliance-imposed Afghan Holocaust and Afghan Genocide (5.6 million war-related deaths) that has now reached the dimensions of the WW2 Jewish Holocaust (5-6 million dead, 1 in 6 dying from deprivation).

1. Post-invasion non-violent avoidable deaths from deprivation total 4.2 million (using a baseline of expected annual mortality of 4 deaths per 1,000 of population for a high birthrate Developing country not subject to war). [1].

2. Post-invasion violent deaths total 1.4 million (assuming expert advice that the level of violence has been 4 times lower in the Afghan War than in the Iraq War and an Iraq War violent deaths/non-violent deaths ratio of 1.3). [1, 2, 3].

3. Post-invasion under-5 infant deaths total 2.9 million (nearly twice the number of the 1.5 million Jewish children killed by the Nazis in WW2). [1].

4. Afghan refugees total 3.2 million, this comprising 2.7 million in Iran and Pakistan and 0.4 million internally-displaced persons (IDPs) in Afghanistan ). [4].

5. The US bombing and US-backed Pakistani Army offensive in NW Pakistan generated 2.5 million Pashtun refugees. [5].

6. Annual under-5 infant deaths in Occupied Afghanistan currently total 237,000, 90% avoidable and due to war-imposed deprivation. [6]

7. It was estimated in 2009 that the annual death rate was 7% for under-5 year old Afghan infants as compared to 4% for Poles in Nazi-occupied Poland and 5% for French Jews in Nazi-occupied France . [7].

8. Annual per capita total health expenditure permitted by the Occupiers in Occupied Afghanistan totals US$69 as compared to US$3,382 for Occupier Australia. [8].

9. Life expectancy at birth m/f (years): 47/50 (as compared to 80/84 for Occupier Australia). [8].

10. Gross national income per capita: US$ 1,100 (as compared to US$37,250 for Occupier Australia) . [8].

11. Probability of dying under five (per 1 000 live births): 199 (as compared to 5 for Occupier Australia). [8].

12. Probability of dying between 15 and 60 years m/f (per 1 000 population): 440/352 (as compared to 79/45 for Occupier Australia). [8]

13. % of under-fives (2003–2008) suffering from stunting (WHO) moderate & severe: 59% (negligible in Occupier Australia except for Indigenous Australians). [6].

14. Adult literacy rate: females as a % of males, 2003–2007: 29% (about 100% for Occupier Australia)). [6].

15. Maternal mortality ratio (annual number of deaths of women from pregnancy-related causes per 100,000 live births): 1,800 (adjusted value 7 for Occupier Australia in 2008) [6].

To read the entire article go to: US Afghanistan Invasion 10th Anniversary: 5.6 Million War-related Deaths by Dr Gideon Polya

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