20082011979.jpgPeople from various walks of life cutting across different organizations and political views participated in the agitation for a Strong Lokpal against corruption in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. There were people who were fasting and a large number of activists and supporters were on the road agitating against Corruption.

Almost everyday demonstrations took place at Marina Beach in which thousands of people participated. College and school Students, professionals, women and workers took part in these events and voiced their concerns against the corrupt and exploitative political system. They expressed their anger against the political process that does not listen to them nor acts in the interest of the vast majority of the people. They were appalled by the rejection of the Jan Lokpal bill which they formulated in consultation with wide sections of people. Many of them were shocked to realize that aspirations of the vast majority of people do not count in this system, installed by the British colonizers.


Makkalatchi Iyakkam (LRS) has participated actively in sharpening this struggle of the people and focusing on the exact areas of conflict – viz. who has the right to legislate – Parliament or the vast majority of the people? Where should the decision making power reside – with the very same corrupt political parties or with the people who produce the wealth of this nation? Makkalatchi Iyakkam also explained to people that in order to eliminate corruption, we need to reform the entire political and economical system of our country. Thousands of the leaflets carrying the statement of Makkalatchi Iyakkam were distributed amongst the people.

Vast number of people who took part in this agitation look at the acceptance of the Jan Lokpal bill by Parliament for consideration as the first step. They are determined to take this struggle forward for complete empowerment of people and establishment of Lokraj.

LRS Chennai correspondent

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