The current Riots in England were triggered by the police shooting of Mark Duggan, a 29-year-old father of three, killed in the early evening of Thursday 4 August in the Tottenham Hale area as he was on his way home to the nearby Broadwater Farm Estate by minicab.

In response to the shooting, Mark’s family and friends called a peaceful vigil outside the local police station on Saturday 6 August. Whole families and young children joined the protest, with homemade placards, shouting, “No justice, no peace.” Frustration mounted as police continued to refuse any dialogue with protestors or to provide Mark’s family with any explanation as to how he came to be killed. According to a report in the Guardian, the first night of rioting was sparked by the brutal police beating, with shields and batons, of a 16-year-old girl taking part in the peaceful protest.

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Article source: Ghadar International Leaflet titled Polce Brutality Triggers England Riots

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