22062011924.jpgActivists of various organizations got together at Nagercoil in Tamil Nadu and held a program on the Global Warming on 22nd of June, 2011. It was Charied by Sis. Elsi Jacob. Dr. Udayakumar, Dr. Lal Mohan, Thiru. Ponnambalam, Adv.Maria James, Thiru. Anil Kumar, Thiru.K.Chellappan and few others from various organizations spoke at this meeting. Speakers denounced the corporate groups and imperialist powers for the uncontrolled destruction of natural resources and the nature.


The greed of the capitalists – Indian and foreign is leading to the destruction of balance in the natural environment, destruction of the livelihood and food security for the millions of people around the world. They pointed out the urgent need to protect the environment and the world from these vultures. People have to unite and get organized to oppose these destructive forces, they said.


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