27122010(014).jpgHundreds of activists of human rights and other mass organisations, political organisations, NGOs, teachers, students, youth, professionals, women, workers, etc. gathered at Jantar Mantar in New Delhi on December 27, to voice their protest against the conviction and arrest of Dr. Binayak Sen under various sections of the IPC, the Chhattisgarh Special Public Security Act and the UAPA. Activists of Lok Raj Sangathan participated in the dharna.

As is well known, Dr. Binayak Sen is a renowned doctor and  human rights activist, who had been working among the tribals in Chhattisgarh. Apart from his medical profession, he has also boldly defended the rights of the tribals against the onslaught of the big mining monopolies backed by the state as well as the state organised Salwa Judum. Dr. Binayak Sen was earlier arrested under the Chhattisgarh Special Public Security Act on charges of "sedition" and jailed for two years. It was only after sustained popular protests in India and all over the world, that he was granted bail. On December 25, 2010 he was convicted by a Raipur Sessions Court on charges of "sedition" and "waging war against the Indian state" and sentenced to life imprisonment. 

27122010(010).jpgThe dharna was addressed by prominent human rights activists and representatives of the participating organisations. All the speakers unequivocally condemned the conviction of Dr. Binayak Sen, as part of the vicious attack of the Indian state on the tribals and all sections of the workers, peasants and working people, in furthering the interests of the monopoly capialist corporations and their greed for super profits. The speaker of Lok Raj Sangathan denounced this blatant attack on the right to conscience and the right to raise one’s voice against ijnustice and exploitation. She pointed out this is one more instance which clearly shows, as the recent exposures in the context of the Radia tapes are showing, that the Indian state works and has always worked in the interests of the maximum profits of the monopoly capitalists. The policies of the state and the various laws that are passed, which party or coalition forms the government, which individual is given charge of which ministry, etc. – all these are decided in the interests of the biggest monopolies and the politicians of various political parties as well as various bureaucrats all serve the intersts of these monopolies. She called upon all present to take forward the struggle for justice to Dr. Binayak Sen with the perspective of establishing Lok Raj, i.e. the rule of the working people, in which the working people will be the decision makers and the policies of the state will be aimed at ensuring the security and prosperity of the working masses.   

A petition demanding justice for Dr. Binayak Sen was circulated and signed by all the participating organisations and individuals.


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