Mataji as she was popularly and fondly known is no longer with us. Shanta Devi was a member of many organisations, she was also a member of the All India Council of Lok Raj Sangathan. 

She was small built and looked frail, but the fighting spirit was there for all to see and experience. Be it a demonstration, a dharna, rally or meeting she was always there and spoke with vigour, defending the interests of people, workers, women, children, peasants and all toiling sections. She nevr hesitated to call a spade a spade and denounced the capitalists who crush the working people to protect their profits.  She was the first to volunteer for any task never hesitating for a moment. 

Shanta Devi –Mataji is not there physically but her spirit for justice and struggle in defence of the people will live with us for a long time. We at Lok Raj Sangathan salute her fighting spirit and promise to carry on with our work, for that is what she would have wanted us to do.

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