Recently Goverment has announced revivial of Legislative Council in Tamil Nadu which was abolished in 1980s. With this, Election Commission has initiated the related election process.


We found the process defined for the eligible electors to register was too cumbersome requiring considerable efforts. Makkalatchi Iyakkam has proposed steps to the Election Commission of India to simplify the process. This would have helped large number of electors to come forward and exercise their right. However Election commission has ignored our recommendations and has not acted upon them. However we have won partial victory as the Election Commission has expanded the list of authorities who could verify and approve the applications. But this has not solved the problem fully. With the result, only a small fraction of the eligible electors have registered. Once again MI has taken up this with the Election commission with further suggestions. 

Our letters to the Election commission of India are enclosed for your perusal. Our team will keep up its efforts to democratize the process.

Thank you.

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