DSC02920.JPGOn 8th November, the day Mr. Barak Obama, the US President, was to address the Indian parliament, several organizations joined together to march in protest from Mandi house to the Parliament and hold an anti-imperialist rally.

A call was given by the Communist Ghadar Party of India to all those who stood for freedom from imperialist wars and for the sovereign right of nations and peoples for determining their destiny without dictate and interference from imperialist powers. The organisations that joined the march included the Communist Ghadar Party of India, the Socialist Unity Centre of India (Communist), Jamat-e-Islami-e-Hind, the All India Workers’ Council, CPDM, Jan Paksh, Delhi Shramik Forum, Naujawan Ekta Sabha, Purogami Mahila Sangathan along with Lok Raj Sangathan. All the participating organisations and individuals were united in opposing the strategic alliance and the close cooperation between the intelligence agencies and armed forces that the US and the Indian governments are trying to forge.

DSC02916.JPGThe march started from Mandi House and stretched over half a kilometer. The participants included a large number of youth and women along with workers and progressive and democratic people who walked in a disciplined manner. Throughout the march the participants shouted slogans against the occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan, as well as, against the undeclared war, using sophisticated drones and bombs, on the people of Pakistan. Many slogans also condemned the imperialist ambitions and plans of the Indian government to enable the Indian capitalist houses to exploit the land and labour of other countries and to control their raw materials. The placards of the participants demanded that Obama should go back, that the US should get out of Afghanistan and Iraq, that the Indian government desist from entering into an alliance with the US and that the People of South Asia unite against imperialism and prevent war in this region.
DSC02931.JPGIn their speeches in the rally, the participating organisations unanimously condemned the armed occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan and the blatant threats and interference in the affairs of countries such as Iran, Cuba and Korea who are refusing to fall in line with the dictate of imperialist powers. Speaker after speaker highlighted the dangers posed by US imperialism to the people of Pakistan, India and other countries of South Asia and urged the people of the subcontinent to unite and strengthen the anti-imperialist movement for peace. The rally demonstrated clearly the strong and united resolve of the people against any imperialist interference in this region. And that this is possible when people become the decision makers of their lives and destiny.DSC02935.jpg

The rally concluded with the resolve to stand shoulder to shoulder with the people of Pakistan who were facing daily aerial bombardments in the border areas and bomb blasts in crowded places as a result of imperialist machinations made possible by the strategic alliance, which their rulers had forged with US imperialism in the past. They also resolved to defeat the imperialist machinations by building the broad unity of the people of the subcontinent against imperialism.

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