health.jpgIn the Tehsil of Nohar a district of Hanumangarh, Rajasthan, a struggle started in June demanding the right to basic health care has seen victory. At the initiative of Lok Raj Sangathan, the Sanyukt Swasth Kendra Bachao (Save the Health Care Centres) Sangharsh Samiti, including LRS and other like-minded organisations, was formed to carry forward the struggle.

After the struggle was launched the administration fulfilled 7 of the demands made.

It is known that due to the lack of basic health care services the people of this region had to travel all the way to Haryana and seek care in private hospitals. In the absence of a surgeon, the Emergency Operation Theater and Blood Bank were locked up. There were no postoperative doctors, Women’s diseases specialist, Physician and bone specialist. In spite of eight different posts, only two doctors were active.

Negligence, corruption and ill-preparation on part of the administration on health care services angered the people of the region. The people united and came together on 3rd June, with support from the representative of the Sanyukt Swasth Kendra Bachao (Save the Health Care Centres) Sangharsh Samiti and vice president of Lok Raj Sangathan and began their indefinite strike. On 6th June after discussions with regional political, social and trade organizations more and more support to strengthen the fight was achieved. On 10th June, a public meeting attended by all organizations was called where in discussions took place and it was decided that a public rally would be organized on the 24th of June. Thousands participated in the rally. Apart from this, a council of ministers of the sangharsh samiti met with the health minister in Jaipur and made him aware of their demands.

The demands were as follows:

  • The infant diseases specialist should be made to stay in the accommodation provided in the community health centre.
  • The woman health worker should be put on duty at the community health centre, Nohar.
  • A specialist for dealing with cases of pregnancy should be installed at the community health centre with immediate effect. 
  • Empty posts of chemist, medicine and surgery specialists should be filled at once.
  • Important posts of Women’s diseases specialist, bone diseases specialist and surgeon to be immediately filled.
  • The Kandoi clinic should be recognized as a city dispensary. Instead of 50 beds, 100 beds should be organized in the state health centre.


Amongst those who guided and supported the agitation were – Mr. Rajindra Singh (District Council Member), Mr. Om Sahu (Sarpanch), Mr. Balram Sharma, Mr Kuldeep Bhamu, Sathi Hari Singh Khicchad, Former Captain Mr. Hansraj Sharma, Mr. Niyamat Ali, Mr. Prem G Godar, Mr. Amit Saankhi, Mr. Nandlal Verma, Shivram Dabada, Pratap Singh Bainiwal, Bhagatram Mudh, Manoj Chotiya, Farmer Leader Kana Ram Ji Saharan, Mr. Mehboob Khan and others.

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