100725_Scol Lok raj samiti Program 043.jpgLokraj Samiti was reconstituted at Sanjay Colony situated in the Okhla Industrial Area on the July 25th, 2010. Hundreds of people and the residents of the colony participated in the meeting with full zeal and enthusiasm. Members of Lok Raj Sangathan residing in the worker’s colony as well nearby colony represented their colonies and participated in the event.

A photo exhibition was organized at the venue, which demonstrated all the struggles that were carried out for the right of the people of that area. Residents of the colony including men, women and children and residents from the other colony were extremely happy to see their photographs in the photo exhibition. They recalled the police harassment and how they managed to teach the police a lesson. They were feeling very proud on seeing themselves participating and leading the struggle.

The public meeting venue was nicely decorated with banners containing slogans like ‘inquilab zindabad’, ‘hum hain iske maalik, hum hain hindustaan, mazdoor, kisan, aurat aur jawaan’, ‘sangathit ho, hukmaraan bano aur samaaj ko badal daalo’, ‘vikas ka rasta hum khud taye karenge’, ‘khadya suraksha hamara janma siddha adhikaar hai’, ‘rozi roti aur aawaz par hamara janma siddha adhikaar hai’ etc.

The event was scheduled to start in the evening, but even prior to that the venue was packed with youth, elderly, women and children of the colony. They were eagerly waiting for the presentation of the report of all the work that had been executed in the past two years by the Lokraj Samiti. There was a huge round of applause when the President of LRS, Delhi Secretary of LRS and HNES representative were welcomed with garlands.

The stage management was in the hands of one of the senior members of the Samiti. He invited the Delhi secretary to restructure the Lokraj Samiti. He clarified to the audience that Lokraj Samiti is the solution or resource to provide power in the hands of the people. When it was formed two years ago, men, women and youth from different political opinions participated and joined this. During its formation, it was discussed whether people should be divided by the political affiliation and keep criticizing the policy of oppression on the rights of people. For a member of Lokraj Samiti, following a particular political theory is not so important, but it important that he/she is raising voice against oppression of people’s right for basic services like water, electricity, sanitation.

The Secretary of Lokraj Samiti presented the report of the work of the last two years. In his report he mentioned the struggles that were carried regarding water for people and students of corporation schools, toilets, availability of teachers, ration cards to ensure food security, appropriate toilet facilities for the women of the slums and mentioned that these issues were raised with the Municipal Commissioner and MLA and Delhi Government. In his report he also explained in details all the demonstrations, rally etc that were carried out against price rise and on the threat of food security. He also made interesting reporting about how the samiti supported the people’s candidates in the assembly, lok sabha and municipal elections through raising funds, propagandas, street play etc.

The Delhi Secretary then called people to come on stage and express their opinion on the report and have a public discussion. Everyone approved the report with a huge round of applause and raising their hands in its support.
The Delhi Secretary of the LRS then dismissed the previous samiti and announced the formation of the new samiti. The proposed samiti members were called up on the stage and were welcomed with garlands. The members then elected their President, Secretary and Block Secretary of the newly formed samiti in front of the people of colony.

President of All India Council of LRS appreciated the efforts of Lokraj Samiti and congratulated the newly formed Samiti. He hoped that the Samiti will work with the people and struggle to resolve the problems of the people.

The comrade from Communist Ghadar Party of India appreciated the work done by the outgoing Samiti. She said that all the problems that were there 25 years ago with the workers living in the slums still persists, which is even more amplified now. On the other hand the capitalists say that we are progressing. She raised the question asking what kind of progress is this, where the majorities are deprived of the basic right like food, electricity, water, toilets, shelter, transport etc. She said that it is only the capitalists of the country who are progressing, which is very small in numbers and the state power is completely in their hands. They are ruling the country as per their own will and wish. It is the duty of the common people of join hands and seizes the resources of production in their own hands. This can then used for the security and happiness of each and every citizen of India.

The representative from Hind Naujawaan Ekta Sabha congratulated the Samiti and said that they have always been in the support of all the struggles of Lokraj Samiti. He inspired the youth to support the struggle.

After this a presentation was made on the proposed food security act and explained the hidden facts to the people of colony. The presenter explained how the Government has so much money, which they want to give to the capitalists but has nothing to take care of the hunger of the people. They presented the statistics that were eye opening for the people present. This was attended by thousands of people. At the end the presenter demanded to enact the universal public distribution system (UPDS) and revoke the targeted PDS (TPDS).

In his closing remarks, the Secretary of Delhi Committee of LRS, appealed that people should end all relationships to the existing narrow capitalistic party system and join hands in the struggle for their own rights and then only we can become the owners of our own destiny.

The meeting was closed with passionate slogans.

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