Yeh ajadai jhutha hai! This freedom is a joke. There are several millions of beggars lining up on the streets begging for their lives. Dalits are the oppressed communities throughout India. Hindus are being pitted against the Muslims, Muslims are being pitted against the Hindus; they are fighting for nobody but destroying themselves for the material interest of the Indian ruling class.


The people in Jharkhand, the tribal are fighting for their economic rights. They are being suppressed. We have workers and peasants being suppressed in Singur, Kalinganagar, and everywhere. Right of self-determination of the Kashmiri people is being totally suppressed. Similarly there is national oppression in the Northeastern part of India where Manipur belongs to.

So, this freedom, which merely benefitted the Indian ruling class but kills the innocent civilians; this freedom,this democracy which targeted democratic rights activists, singled them out, keep them subjected under strict surveillance, killed them in fake encounter, is totally against the ethics of democracy. So, this democracy is a joke.

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