Makklatchi Iyakkam (Lok Raj Sangathan) celebrated May day in Kanyakumari District of Tamil Nadu through a postering, flag hoisting and a public meeting.

Makklatchi Iyakkam (Lok Raj Sangathan) celebrated May day in Kanyakumari District of Tamil Nadu through a postering, flag hoisting and a public meeting.

Activists of Makklatchi Iyakkam carried out elaborate preparations for conducting this very important meeting of the working people. In the last week of April, they brought out posters greeting the workers on May Day and announcing the May Day meeting and its venue. These posters were put up in various parts of KanyaKumari. On the morning of May Day, activists of LRS gathered and went around to various places including Puthan Sandhai, Kaliyal, Arumanai, Kunjalu Villai, Kadaiyalumoodu, Mookootukal, Palukuzhi and hoisted the red flag and raised slogans hailing the workers struggles, sacrifices and May Day. They also denounced the capitalist class the ruling classes for failing the address the workers issues and concerns.

The May Day public meeting was held at Puthan Sandhai junction in Kanyakumari. In spite of torrential rains, large number of people stood there and participated in the meeting. The meeting started at 5:30 PM as announced. It was chaired by Comrade Babu. He greeted the workers on the May Day and explained the significance of May Day. Following this, he invited other speakers to address the meeting. Saravanan,  Baskar, Thomas Issac and Wilson spoke at the meeting.

Speakers explained the serious situation workers and people of our country are in today due to the intolerable price rise in the recent months. They explained that prices have risen over 30-40% when we consider the items of mass consumption at retail level. Big corporations such as Tatas and Ambanis have amassed huge profits making use of this terrible situation. In the recent budget the Congress led UPA government has not shown any concern nor taken any steps to resolve this issue. On the contrary, the government has actually cut down the subsidy for Petroleum products and fertilizers. As a consequence an all round price rise has taken place including transport, agricultural inputs, etc. This has put additional burden on the backs of peasants and other toiling people and they are unable to bear these conditions. At the same time, government has given more concessions and tax breaks for the big business houses to fatten them with more profits. In the face of these attacks, workers should not keep quiet but rise up and fight, speakers reiterated.

Speakers also referred to the recent central government bills on the Right to Education and Food security. They pointed out with facts and figures how these acts are not going to provide education for all nor food for all the people of India. After 63 years of rule, it is a shame on Indian business houses and the rulers that in this 21st century vast sections of our people are kept uneducated, go hungry and die early due to malnutrition and preventable diseases! Speakers called on the workers to fight to get good quality food grains and all necessary food items, items of mass consumption, etc. through a universal Public Distribution System. They demanded immediate moratorium on the debt servicing and taking over of the international trade and internal wholesale trade by government. This can mobilize the necessary funds to provide for all the urgent needs of the workers. In this 21st century, government is duty bound to provide all the basic rights including employment, food and shelter, education and health care, water and electricity to all people of our country.

Speakers also pointed out that the current political system is not designed to provide for participation of the people. Its only aim is to serve the present rulers and help them to exploit the maximum from our workers and country. Under these circumstances workers must lead all other sections of the people to usher in a new political process where they can rule and set the agenda for the entire society. They called on the workers to come forward to build Makklatchi Iyakkam to pave the way for a new society. The meeting ended with great amount of optimism and resolve to take forward the struggles of the working class.

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