shamim.jpgOn 23rd July 2009 Shamim Modi, the vice president of Samajwadi Jan Parishad & presently an Assistant Professor at the Tata Instititue of Social Sciences, Mumbai, was brutally attacked at her rented flat in Vasai by the watchman of the building.

She sustained grievous injuries all over her body; her neck was slit to the windpipe, her skull was full of injuries and her fingers were split. The doctor who attended to her said that if she had been cut even a little deeper in the throat, she would have died on the spot. In all she required 118 stitches at the hospital. It was her sheer courage and presence of mind and timely medical aid arranged by her parents saved her.
The Maharashtra Police is trying to make it look like simple robbery case. However, it is clear from all accounts that the motive of this attack was to kill her and terrorize her associates. She had offered the attacker money so that he will spare her. However the attacker showed no interest in the money and kept on attacking her. Finally, perhaps when he was convinced that Shamim will bleed to death, he took the money offered by Shamim and locked her flat from outside before absconding.
From the reports available, the actions of the Police seem to indicate interference by some higher ups in the case. The Maharashtra police doctored Shamim’s statement given by her on 24th July and removed the vital information that the attacker was, till last minute, refusing to take Shamim’s offer for money. This and other indicators prompted Shamim’s husband to demand a re-recording of Shamim’s statement. The application for re-recording Shamim’s statement was made to S.P. Thane Rural Madhukar Pandey and the Senior P.S.I. Two delegations of SJP members also met Senior PSI in this connection. A delegation of TISS staff, faculty and students also met additional Principal Secretary Chitra Iyangar but yet no progress has been made.
Shamim had named two people Kamal Patel, the ex-Revenue Minster of Madhya Pradesh and his business associate and the President of Saw Mill Owner’s Association at Harda, Natwar Patel, in her statement whom she suspected to be behind the attack. A TISS delegation who represented to the Maharashtra Home Secretary was told that the police has found from the Nepali Association that the attacker has run away and that Maharashtra Police went to Harda and found that Kamal Patel and Associates were no involved!
It is amply clear that the police and elements connected with various established political parties are trying to shield the real organizers of the attack and cover up the motive of the attack. Lok Raj Sangathan, Mumbai expresses shock at the manner in which the State government is making a mockery of the investigation when in fact a serious investigation is urgently needed. LRS, Mumbai joins other concerned groups and individuals in demanding that the individuals responsible for planning and executing the attack nabbed, speedily prosecuted and given exemplary punishment.

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