The people of Nohar Tehsil of Hanumangarh District of Rajasthan are extremely angry. They have come out on the streets in repeated protests, braving brutal lathicharges and arrests.


The cause of this anger of the people is the callous attitude of the administration, including the police towards investigating four gruesome murders that took place on June 21, 2009. Despite repeated demands by the people, the administration made no moves to catch the culprits, and the people accused the administration of covering up for those guilty of these gruesome crimes.


Activists of the Lok Raj Sangathan of the area, along with activists of various left student, peasant and teachers organizations formed a sangharsh samiti to spearhead an agitation to ensure that the guilty were apprehended and punished.


At the call of the Sangarsh samiti, on July 21 over 500 people gheraoed the police administration headquarters in the town demanding action. On July 23, 2,500 people gheraoed the police headquarters for over 5 hours on end, paralyzing the movement of the police and their functioning. At this point, the police carried out a brutal lathicharge on the protestors. They arrested over 20 activists, and two activists were badly beaten.


The anger of the people has further mounted. At the call of the Sangarsh Samiti, Nohar town observed complete bandh for three days. Finally the Home Minister had to recall the police chief of the area. Meanwhile, the Inspector General of police of the State visited Nohar on July 27, and requested the Sangharsh Samiti that he be given 10 days to catch the guilty.


On a daily basis, a dharna is being staged in the town. The Sangarsh Samiti has called for a massive Mahapadav on August 7, when the ten days are over. In the tradition of Rajasthan, this means that tens of thousands of people will gather and jam the town, and remain there until their demands are met. 

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