Press Release

The active campaign of Lok Raj Sangathan during the 2009 Lok Sabha elections has succeeded in making the question of an alternative to the existing political process a matter of serious discussion among the people. This positive assessment was made by the All India Council of LRS at its meeting on 12 July 2009. The AIC noted that there is widespread support for the principle that people must enjoy the right to select candidates for election, to recall elected representatives at any time and to set the agenda for society.

Regarding the agenda of the re-elected Manmohan Singh government, the AIC concluded that the aim remains that of enriching big business corporations and fulfilling their global ambitions, at the expense of the peoples’ rights and security of livelihood. It resolved that the only way to fulfill the peoples’ needs and guarantee their rights is for the people to become the rulers and set the agenda.

In conclusion, the All India Council of LRS decided to continue and step up the mass contact program and membership campaign on a continuous basis, both during and between elections. It decided to convene the next All India Convention of LRS in November 2009, which will take steps to strengthen the organisation and enable it to play the role of the principal instrument for people to become the rulers of India.

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