As you all know, the farmers and warkaris have been fighting against the notorious Dow Chemicals proposed plant at Shinde village near Chakan.

The villagers, farmers and warkaris of the entire area of Bhandara – Bhamchandra Panchakroshi who organised themselves as Bhamchandra Dongar Bachao Warkari Shetkari Sangharsh Samiti have been fighting to save the sant bhoomi of Maharashtra’s most revered saints namely Saint Dnyaneshwar (Alandi) and Saint Tukaram Maharaj (Dehu) under the leadership of Justice Kolse-Patil and Com. Vilas Sonawane. The agitators have stopped the construction of this notorious Dow Chemicals since 16th January, 2008. It has been more than six months now that the authorities and the company officials have not allowed to start the construction work. Lakhs Crores of Warkaris of not only of entire Maharashtra but entire country have joined this struggle and have strongly opposed the coming up of Dow chemicals’ plant.

During this period, as you all know, the Dow chemicals tried its best to start the construction. For this unfortunately, an unholy alliance of the PMO office, Government of Maharashtra operated for the interests of the American Multinational which is not taking any responsibility of the Bhopal Gas Victims. The democratically elected governments both at the Centre and the state instead of safeguarding the interests, well being and security of its citizens, and protecting the sanctity of the Warkari Sect has been consistently serving the Dow Chemicals. As you all know, on 27th February, 2008 through Police action they tried to start the construction work. However, the villagers, farmers and the warkaris of this region especially the women gave a heroic fight and had held the police force which had entered their village unlawfully as captive for nearly 7 hours. The police force had to withdraw. However, they still tried to coerce the people who are fighting for their existence into submission.

Just recently, on the eve of Ashadi Ekadashi, lakhs of warkaris and the renowned kirtankars and Saints of Warkari sect who came to Pandharpur strongly condemned the government’s stand of supporting the Dow Chemicals.

Since the agitation has now spread across Maharashtra and it has become a matter of do or die for the entire Warkari Sampraday, the Government authorities under the pressure of the American multinational company – Dow Chemicals have become desperate to serve their masters!

Hence, the authorities conspired with Dow chemicals and under the garb of interim order of the Hon’ble High Court are now forcibly trying to resume the construction work. The officials went to Shinde village yesterday i.e. on 22nd July, 2008 and told the villagers that they would provide protection to the notorious Dow Chemicals construction work. We, Bhamchandra Dongar Bachao Warkari Shetkari Sangharsh Samiti, Lokshasan Andolan Banda Tatya Maharaj Karadkar, Badrinath Tanpure Maharaj and other renowned Kirtankars and warkaris of Maharashtra condemn Government’s conspiracy of killing the warkaris, farmers of Maharashtra by starting the construction work of the notorious Dow Chemicals !

Shashi Sonawane
National Convenor – Yuva Bharat

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