Vaijapur, Maharstra, 4 April, 09,  About ten thousand tribal along with thousands women turned up from 25 villages for a huge gathering to make success ‘Adivasi Panchayat’ at Vaijapur district Jalgaon of Maharastra.

Panchayat was aimed to oppose the anomalies made by district administration of Jalgaon during the implementation of ‘Forest rights Act, 2006’, the key concern of tribal and also to decide their rolls  in coming Parliamentary poll. Panchayat was began with a massive march from Vaijapur village to meeting place by thousands of tribal handed with flags and banners, shouting slogans, dancing, and beating drums. To inaugrate the panchayat a drum was also beaten by LSM leaders and audience responded warmly with the pledge for keeping struggle continued till the realization of their demands. They were demanded to recall the decisions made by district administration rejecting their legal claims over possessed forest land and to ensure the fallow up of legal processors decided by forest Act. They were full of enthusiasm and firm in decision for ‘not to vote in Parliamentary elections’, which was resolved by panchayat with full support. However, twenty thousand tribal of this area will keep them away from the process of parliamentary elections and not exercise their voting rights in coming polls as protest. Leaders of tribal belonging to different villages have addressed the panchayat and given their full support to resolution. Tribal leaders Budha Surbhan Barela, Guju Dal Singh Barela, Devsingh Surbhan Barela, Sunandabai Madan Barela, Kasturabai Magan barela were presided jointly over the Panchayat.
Ambarish Rai, leader of Lok Sangharsh Morcha expressed his wonder that no political party has showed their concern with people’s issue in coming parliamentary election, only they are interested to grab the political power by hook and crook. They are making unholy and unprincipled alliances for the same. They have nothing to do with the implementation of forest Act which was built for making justice with tribal community, while enactment of Act could be possible after the  long- standing struggle of tribal. Pratibha Shinde, General Secretary of LSM spoken on the issue that how irregularity was made by district administration despite the delegation of tribal and LSM togetherly met them and informed about the provisions made by Forest Act. She said that Jalgaon administration not only failed to achieve the goal declared by the Act for ‘undoing the historic injustice done in the past with tribal’, but also was unable to win over the confidence of tribal as marginalize section of society. They have rejected all claims filed by tribal for the recognition of forest land without hearing them and fallow the directions of “Schedule tribe and other forest dwellers (recognition of forest right) Act, 2006” (Forest Act, 2006). She also said that political parties have been incredible among people due to their unethical roll in Indian polity. Another tribal leader Prakash Barela was excited with the behavior of administration in his speech that administration has denied even to listen their Grievances and fully ignored the directions of forest Act. He informed that tribals have submitted their claims according to Act, ‘for those land which is in their possession till 13 December, 2006”, the cut of date decided by Law and still they are holding it. Atish Jagtap, secretary of LSM, Maharstra has told that dealing with the above law, administration has violated not only guidelines of the Act but the democratic processes, too. Raju Pimprale, tribal leader has surprised with anger, addressing the meeting that Central/ state governments have repeatedly retreated to ensure the .transparency during its implementation, so that the Tribal could be able to get justice. Unfortunately transparency was not maintained during the implementation of the Act.  Among others who spoken in the meeting were Premsingh Barela, Tarachand Pawara, Mukesh (Adivasi Mukti Sanghathan), Yashubarela etc. In the end, some other resolution was also adopted by Panchayat, like condemning the futile exercise of district administration regarding NREGA and demanding the quick implementation of the same in a transparent manner. 
Ambarish Rai/ Pratibha Shinde
President/ General Secretary
Lok Sangharsh Morcha,
M. 09860507302/ 09637801547

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