Let us build lok raj samitis
Let us assert our right to select and elect candidates from among our peers!
Let us unite to take the next step towards vesting sovereignty in hands of the people!


Dear voters,

Elections are going to be held in 6 states in the coming weeks. These elections are being held at a time when the global crisis has cast its dark shadow on India and has made life even more difficult for the ordinary Indian citizen. Prices are going up and inflation continues to be on the rampage. Jobs are being cut down and working hours are being increased. Peasants continue to commit suicide in hundreds not withstanding the loan waiver packages that the central government has announced. The fall in stock markets and mutual funds has wiped out the hard earned life’s savings of thousands of small investors.

Recently, attacks are being organized on various sections of the people in several states such as Orissa, Maharashtra. Bomb blasts have taken toll of hundreds of lives in Assam, Karnataka and other states. Elections are being organized in Jammu & Kashmir under the gun and bayonet. There is so much terror in the air that people hesitate to go to markets or other crowded places even on festival days. They are forced to be passive, forced to meekly accept their fate.

In this situation, people are unable to resist further attacks on their livelihood and rights. This situation benefits only big business and financial interests. While giving all sorts of concessions to big business houses in the form of duty cuts, tax waivers, write-offs, loan guarantees, concessional tariffs and so on, the central government has no solution for price rise, unemployment and indebtedness of the ordinary people. Using the global crisis as an excuse, FDI limits in insurance and other sectors are being eased and various other measures to increase the profits of Indian and foreign monopolies, financial oligarchies and foreign institutional investors are being announced every day. Those in power want the people to accept privatization, liberalization and globalization as something inevitable. At the same time, the present political process of representative democracy deprives people in having any say in running the affairs of the country and in setting policies.

The coming elections give us an opportunity to raise these issues among the people and build lok raj samitis to fight for change. Through these samitis, people can and must fight for political power in their hands. They can refuse to remain mere vote banks of the ruling circles and their parties. They can boldly defy the big political parties and their money and muscle power and demand the right of voters to select and elect the candidates of their choice, retain the right to recall our elected representatives if need be, have the right to initiate legislation and supervise its implementation.

Only a representative selected and elected by the people and accountable to them will work for their interests. Only such a candidate will fight for economic and political measures in the interests of the people. For eg., such a candidate will demand a reversal of all concessions given to big Indian and foreign business houses and demand concrete measures to eliminate poverty, illiteracy, under-nutrition and violence on the people.

Lok Raj Sangathan calls on all its members and supporters and voters in all the states to build lok raj samitis at the mohalla, factory and area levels and select and elect candidates from among their midst.  We can and must select those who will fight for polices and interventions that serve the people, and for a fundamental transformation of the present political process to empower the people.  Such candidates will be accountable to the people who elected them and take an uncompromising stand against all efforts to terrorise and divide the people on the basis of religion, caste, region or nationality.

The coming elections offer us an excellent opportunity to demand real and practical measures to end the domination of big moneyed interests and to enable the people to determine their own destiny. Let us take the next step towards the goal of vesting sovereign power in the hands of the people.

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