rs100inflate.jpg“mehengai ke liye kaun jimmedar?”, “aatankwaad ke liye kaun jimmedar?” (who is responsible for inflation? Who is responsible for terrorism?) — slogans such as these reverberated in the narrow lanes and by-lanes of Madanpur Khader Resettlement colony, as the Pardafash Yatra (Exposure Caravan) organized by Lok Raj Sangathan was launched with great enthusiasm and gusto. Both these questions echoed in the hearts of the residents who thronged to see the Yatra Vehicle (a Tempo Traveler decorated with banner and poster) proclaiming the aims and objectives of the Yarta.

As the vehicle decorated with banners and posters stopped in the locality, people gathered around it wondering and asking question about what the halla-gulla is all about. Local members and volunteers immediately came forward to answer their questions.

Members and volunteers of LRS positioned the LRS flag with presentation material at a strategic junction point in the Bengali colony and then marched through the streets appealing people to gather at the location. People busy in their Sunday chores listened intently to the appeals and started gathering. While some dismissed it as mere election propaganda, some others came out agitated and started discussing the purpose of the Yatra. The volunteers patiently replied to their queries and appealed to them to come for the presentation.

As the presentation on Price Rise began people started moving closer to the speaker to get a closer glimpse of what was being shown. The presentation points were depicted with graphic illustrations. Each point was elaborated in some detail by the speaker. Women in particular were listening attentively to the reasons for price rise. It was proved through the presentation that the real cause of the price rise is the present economic system which expropriates working people and fills the coffers of the rich.

This was followed up by presentation on Terrorism. More people gather around looking at the banners and play card depicting various issues. It came out clearly through the presentation that it is the rulers of this country who benefit from terrorist attacks and they are the once who are responsible for it. Terrorism is used to divert and divide the people’s struggles. As the presentation concluded and the speaker asked for questions from the people, many came forward to congratulate the organizers for putting together such an elaborate presentation and clarifying on various points. Some of them volunteered to organize the presentation in their streets and localities and gave their names and addresses for contacting. Bijju Nayak, Secretary of Delhi Regional Council of LRS, declared that the Yarta is being taken to various parts of Delhi and India covering different sections of people. He appealed to people to join in the Yatra.

The Yatra then moved to a market place and volunteers fanned out in the neighboring area to mobilize people. Again the two presentations were made in the busy market. One another presentation was made in front of Hanuman Temple. Before concluding the day’s campaign the volunteers and members of LRS gathered to sum up the experience of the first day of the campaign and plan for other areas.

The Yatra took its shape following the decision of the All India Council to launch country-wide political campaign to expose the system and elaborate the path for moving towards Lok Raj, that is people’s rule. It went through intense discussion and debates in the Delhi Region Council and the entire membership, including volunteers, on how to take forward the LRS campaign in the rapidly changing political scenario, with attacks on the livelihood and security of the people increasing everyday. A series of consultative meeting were organized to elicit ideas on presentations, banners, posters, slogans, placards, audio/video presentations and developing the material that would form part of the Yatra. The scope and form of the Yatra is such that it addresses burning issue facing the people with an aim to more forward towards Lok Raj. It was decided not to discard any idea, but to develop it in such a way that the involvement of the organizers and volunteers is maximized in engaging different sections of people. All the skills and aptitudes that an individual member possesses were used to develop the ideas and communication material. 

The presentations on price rise, terrorism, corruption, political process, and various other issues are to form the main weapon in disseminating the understanding and program of LRS to all sections of people. The draft presentations were made for discussion and feedback amongst political and social activists, workers, teachers, academicians, and mass communicators to develop the content and form. Each presentation was thoroughly discussed to ensure that we are communicating the correct message based on facts and figures. Intense research has gone into preparation of each presentation. More presentations are to be prepared on other issues. The presentations are being made by the members and volunteers of LRS with the aim to develop communication and public speaking skills among its members and supporters, together with elaborating political line of LRS.

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