Resolutions of the Convention on

"Dangerous Indo US strategic alliance under the garb of the nuclear deal"

Held on August 26, 2008 in New Delhi


Down with the Indo US Strategic alliance!

This convention notes that India and US are steadily forging a strategic alliance with each other.

This alliance encompasses wide ranging fields including geo politics, military-strategic, space and nuclear technology, bio technology, coordinated intelligence, terrorism, as well as economic cooperation.

The US is pushing for this strategic alliance to achieve its aims of remaining the pre-eminent imperialist power in the 21st century. India’s size and youthful population, its massive professionally trained armed forces, its skilled mental and manual labour, its scientific technical base and potential, its vast mineral resources, are assets that the US hopes to rope in to achieve its aims.

The growing Indian economy is seen as a place to export capital for maximum profits. In particular, the US corporate houses see in India a major market for high end exports linked to infrastructure development, to the space and nuclear sectors, and to the military sector. These sectors, which require a long gestation period, need the guarantees of secure long term superprofits that only a strategic alliance can guarantee.  

On the geo political front, the US wants to crush any challenge to it from emerging powers like Russia, China, Iran etc. It wants to use an alliance with India to achieve this goal. It wants the vast energy resources of West Asia and Central Asia under its sole control, so that it can strangulate other countries. It wants to block India joining hands with Iran, Russia etc. and working out alternative energy routes.

No to the strategic alliance between India and the US!

Within our country, there are two diametrically opposite views on the strategic alliance.

India’s corporate houses and the major political parties representing the big bourgeoisie, Congress and BJP, as well as some others, and the corporate media are very enthusiastic about the alliance. On the other hand, large sections of people, are opposing it.
India’s ruling class is driven by the ambition to emerge as a world class imperialist power that shares in the division of spoils obtained through plunder of the world’s peoples. The US is holding out the carrot of helping India to emerge as a world power. Indian corporate houses are desperate to emerge as global players using this strategic alliance.

Within South Asia, it appears that the US has acknowledged India as the regional power and will assist India in its domination of the region. It will try to block Pakistan from making any claims on Kashmir and will support India in its LOOK EAST policy. It will try to push India to challenge China in the region. In return, India will be expected to dovetail its West Asia and Central Asia policy according to the demands of the US. This is the broad geo-strategic framework of the Indo US alliance.

This strategic alliance between India and US is against the interests of the broad masses of people of both countries, as well as the other peoples and nations of the world. It will bring India into conflict with many peoples and countries of the world. It will boost US imperialism’s aggressive war mongering plans against all countries and peoples who resist its domination.

This convention condemns the Indo US strategic alliance as an imperialist alliance, between two imperialist powers, directed against the freedom and sovereignty of the peoples and world peace.

Down with the imperialist alliance against freedom and sovereignty of peoples and world peace!

As part of its strategy for world domination, the US has been declaring that all countries in the world must accept the imperialist concept of multi party representative democracy as practised in US and Britain as the only models of rule. This is directed against all peoples who have their own forms of government and who refuse to capitulate to the imperialist pressure. 

As part of this strategic collaboration, India has been roped in to export "democracy" to various countries in Asia and Eastern Europe. That is, India will collaborate with the US to undermine the political systems in various countries to bring about regime change in the name of "democracy". Already, this is going on in Afghanistan and Iraq. Various countries of Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union, as well as countries like Iran, North Korea, Cuba etc. are targets of this campaign to export imperialist "democracy".

This convention holds that every country has the right to the political and economic system of its choice, free from outside dictate. History shows that when it suits the imperialists, they install military dictators and when it suits them, they "restore democracy". The Indo US strategic alliance is directed against the sovereignty of the world’s peoples. We uphold the right of every people, including the Indian people, to decide freely what kind of political and economic system they want in their own country.

Down with the imperialist politics of "regime change" in name of democracy!

The US and India are carrying out extensive military collaboration on land, in the air, and on the high seas. Israel is also part of this military collaboration. Exercises have been held in the mountains, in the deserts, in the North East and even in Alaska. Exercises have been held in the Arabian Sea and Bay of Bengal, and in the straits of Malacca.

Through these joint exercises, the armed forces are learning to work together in joint operations in different terrains. Why do these armies, air forces, and navies want to work together in different terrains, from mountains to deserts, from seas to oceans, and in the air? Obviously these are a part of preparations for eventual joint combat operations.

For quite some years, there has been pressure from US on India to send troops to Iraq and Afghanistan. Successive Indian governments have almost succumbed to this pressure, but been forced to refrain only because of massive public opposition. It may well be expected that in coming period, this pressure will increase and India will begin to deploy its army in combat roles outside UN jurisdiction, according to the wishes of the US India alliance.

The military collaboration between US and India is directed against peace and security of the region and the world.

Down with Indo US military collaboration!

The Indian corporate houses are vigorously pursuing the policy of globalisation, liberalisation and privatisation in the economy to achieve their aim of becoming a world class imperialist power. They are jointly carrying out the plunder of India in collaboration with other imperialist powers. They are using the Indian state to trample on the rights of workers and working people, the peasantry, traders and small shopkeepers, to achieve their aims. Their agenda is served by keeping the people divided and disoriented and thus silencing the popular opposition.

In service of this agenda, apart from direct repression, the Indian state has long experience in using terrorism and state organised communal violence. At present, Muslim people are the special target of the terrorism of the Indian state, carried out in name of "war against terror".

First, bomb blasts are organised in which ordinary people are killed. Immediately, this or that organisation with a Muslim sounding name is declared to be responsible. A communally surcharged atmosphere is created against Muslim people. Innocent people are picked up, tortured, declared to be terrorists, sometimes killed, sometimes let off after years or months in jail. But the state is successful in its aim, which is to paralyse the opposition to its agenda, to divide the people on communal lines, to justify fascist laws, to prevent people from fighting for their rights and justice as Indian citizens, and to justify the strategic alliance with the US in the "war against terror".
The US has justified its war against Afghanistan and Iraq as part of its "war against terror". It wants India to join in this "war against terror" to achieve its global aims. The Indian ruling class also sees in "war against terror" a way to achieve its internal and international agenda. It is the Indian ruling class that directly benefits from terrorism, bomb blasts and the communalisation of the polity.

India and US are collaborating in the "war against terror"  in South Asia, to achieve their common aims.

This convention condemns state terrorism and the use of bomb blasts and killings of innocent people to achieve the aims of the Indian and American imperialist bourgeoisie.

Down with terrorism! Down with state terrorism! Down with the Indo US alliance in "war against terrorism"!   

From all of the above, it can be seen that the Indo US strategic alliance poses grave dangers for the Indian people and the world’s peoples.

This convention views the 123 agreement between India and US over so called peaceful use of nuclear energy in the light of the broad ramifications of the Indo US strategic alliance.

Given that Indo US nuclear deal involves the International Atomic Energy Agency as well as the 45 member Nuclear Suppliers Group, and the preeminent role the US plays in these two bodies, it is clear that the deal is mainly about international recognition of India as a nuclear weapons state, as a powerful emerging imperialist state, which can challenge the nuclear hegemony of the 5 official nuclear weapons states.

The US is backing India in this deal, in return for India’s partnership in the strategic alliance. It has openly said that if India breaks the unwritten agreements within the strategic agreement, then it will be free to withdraw from the nuclear deal, block nuclear supplies and withdraw its plants and technology. 

The nuclear deal will not address the energy requirements of India. On the contrary, the secret terms of the strategic alliance are likely to block India from pursuing other alternative energy options with Iran and other Central Asian republics.

While the Indian corporate houses and their political parties may be proud of India getting the dubious status of some kind of a nuclear weapons state and an imperialist power, there is nothing for the Indian working masses to be proud of, in this development. The path that the Indian ruling class is pursuing, in collaboration with the US, is going to bring our country into conflict with other peoples, sooner or later.

Down with the dangerous Indo US strategic alliance being forged under garb of nuclear deal!      

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