Lok Raj Sangathan welcomes the announcement of the convening of the newly elected Constituent Assembly in Nepal from May 28.

The convening of the Constituent Assembly assumes particular significance because it has emerged from a truly mass movement of the people of Nepal against the oppressive monarchy, and in favour of real change. The last two years have seen diverse sections of the people of Nepal put forward their claims and needs, and engage in widespread discussion on the kind of Nepal they want to build. Women and men from various classes, regions and communities, and a variety of political forces, have all participated in this discussion. The proceedings of the Constituent Assembly will provide a great opportunity for the people of Nepal to take their destiny in their own hands and forge a bright future for themselves. The abolition of the monarchy and the forging of relations with all other countries including India on the basis of equality and respect for sovereignty are important issues that the Constituent Assembly is expected to take up. The people of India will watch the proceedings of the Constituent Assembly in Nepal with great interest and wish the people of Nepal all success in this historic endeavour.

by Secretariat of AIC, LRS

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