by Secretariat of AIC, LRS

Dr. Binayak Sen, an active national Vice-President of the People’s Union for Civil Liberties (PUCL) and General Secretary of its Chhattisgarh unit was arrested a year ago under the allegation that he had links with Maoists.

Dr. Sen is still languishing in jail and has been denied bail. He has been denied all rights to defend himself. The recent arrest of Ajay T.G a filmmaker and 43 other arrests in recent times under the Chattisgarh Public Security Act are aimed at terrorizing the people. The use of Salwa Judum is another form of State sponsored violence against the people. Lok Raj Sangathan condemns these state sponsored attacks, and demands that Dr. Binayak Sen, Ajay TG and many others who are fighting and working in the interest of the indigenous tribal and other poor people and exposing human right violations be immediately released and that harasssment of innocent people be immediately halted. Lok Raj Sangathan also demands that those responsible for harassing innocent people be given exemplary punishment.

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