JULY 31, 2006, NEW DELHI

With great anger, we condemn the brazen slaughter of over 60 people including over 30 children as a result of Israeli bombing of their homes on July 30, 2006.

Israel is raining death and destruction on lakhs of civilians in Lebanon and the Gaza Strip, in brazen defiance of world opinion. A continuous barrage of bombs and missiles have reduced homes, schools, hospitals to rubble, killing and wounding indiscriminately thousands of men, women and children, and not sparing even United Nations peacekeepers. Such is the arrogance of a chauvinist, militarist state, armed and backed to the hilt by US imperialism, which has got away with similar genocidal attacks before and expects to get away with it again.

The Israeli onslaught is a crime of the gravest proportions not just against the Lebanese and Palestinian people, but an affront to humanity itself. It is a challenge to all peoples who stand for peace and justice, and for civilised intercourse among nations. We Indian people cannot and will not tolerate this barbaric aggression against another people. With one voice we denounce the Israeli aggressors and their US imperialist backers, and demand that Israel immediately halt its aggression.

We are not fooled by the patent lie that the Israeli aggression is just a reaction, or even an ‘over reaction’, to the capture of two of its soldiers. What is going on is a carefully worked out move designed to further the US imperialist strategy in this region. US imperialism is hell bent on establishing its dictate in the energy-rich and strategic region of West Asia, and in crushing all opposition to this. On its own or with its allies, it is determined to crush the heroic Palestinian, Iraqi, Iranian and other peoples who are putting up a stiff fight against its hegemonic designs.

The bombardment of innocent men, women and children in Lebanon and the Gaza Strip shows the real face of the US-imperialist led “war against terror”. It is nothing but a cover for state terrorism of the most blatant kind, carried out by the US imperialists themselves and their allies and collaborators like Israel. The peoples and governments in all countries should get together and denounce these kinds of terrorist states, and bring to a halt their marauding activities before more countries and more peoples become their victims.

We demand that the United Nations uses all means at its disposal to bring about an immediate halt to the Israeli aggression. It is absolutely unacceptable that this overwhelming state terrorism and mass slaughter of innocent civilians is being equated with the capture of two Israeli soldiers. The aggressor Israeli state must be held solely responsible for the disaster, and the international community should see that it faces appropriate punishment. Israel must be made to pay full reparations for the destruction that it has caused.

We Indian people also demand that the UPA government come out clearly and forcefully against the Israeli aggression and the support being given to it by the US. It should break off all its military ties with the Israeli state. Anything less is an affront to the sentiments of the Indian people. We stand shoulder to shoulder with our brothers and sisters in Lebanon and Palestine who are facing the brunt of the US-Israeli onslaught, and with all those in the region and around the world who are coming out on the streets in opposition to this act of barbarism.

Lok Raj Sangathan
Communist Ghadar Party Of India
Jamaat-E-Islami Hind
Hind Naujawan Ekta Sabha
Purogami Mahila Sangathan
Nirmaan Mazdoor Panchayat Sangam
Students Islamic Organisation – SIO
Indian National League – INL
Muslim Majlis Lucknow
Ml Kalbe Jawwad Sb and
Ml Saif Abbas Sb Lucknow
All India Sikh Forum

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