Statement of Lok Raj Sangathan, Mumbai July 27, 2006

Lok Raj Sangathan condemned the terrorist bombing of commuter trains in Mumbai on July 11, 2006 , in which nearly 200 people lost their lives and several hundred were grievously injured.

Lok Raj Sangathan has demanded exemplary punishment for the criminals responsible for this heinous attack on the working people of Mumbai.

However, we are witnessing an extremely dangerous trend. Firstly, no report has been made by the government, central or state about the conclusion of investigation and identification of the perpetrators and the charges against them leading to arrests. On the contrary, various high officials of police and intelligence agencies are often found to clearly state in the media that investigations are on and until they are concluded, nothing can be revealed nor speculated upon.

Nevertheless, there have been continuous leaks from the state machinery on a daily basis, about various people taken into custody, questioned, arrested, their religion, names, organizational affiliation and even nationality. The main target of this insidious campaign has been the Muslim community. Often fingers are pointed at neighbouring countries like Pakistan and Bangladesh as harbouring, training or inspiring the perpetrators. However when leaders of these countries or even leaders of other governments ask for evidence, our government has been unable to provide the same.

This is leading to a grave situation internally and externally. There is heightened tension in the Muslim community in Mumbai and Maharashtra and elsewhere in India . There have been increasing reports of so called combing and search operations, harassment of Muslims in various areas. All this is spreading an atmosphere of enmity between communities. People of Mumbai, Muslims, Hindus and of all communities, came forward spontaneously and courageously to bring succour to the victims, soon after the bomb blasts. However, today everyone who is a Muslim or even wears a beard is being painted as a suspect.

This will turn Mumbai into a tinderbox that can be lit into a communal conflagration with a single spark. Continuous leaks from the government and police sources and by irresponsible media are responsible for this dangerous situation. Such a charged atmosphere neutralizes all sane voices and justifies the inaction or complicity of the state during a communal massacre organized later. Delhi witnessed this in 1984, Mumbai witnessed in 1993 and Gujarat in 2002. The state tried to justify its role, by calling these massacres as “spontaneous reactions”.

Internationally too India is getting a dubious reputation, as a country that makes serious allegations about other countries, without sufficient proof. This has been the case during the recent G-8 summit or in the statements coming out of the governments of US and Pakistan . More over, irresponsible sections of the media, egged on by various current and former members of the government, are advocating the necessity of bombing Pakistan in the style of Israel . Such irresponsible talk, debates and SMS polls have led to the president of Pakistan warning that any such act would lead to full-scale war between the two countries. Obviously, elements that do not want peace between India and Pakistan are benefiting from the bomb blasts and their aftermath.

LRS demands that the investigating agencies should do their work quietly with no inspired leaks to media and bring the culprits to book. We demand that media behave responsibly. We demand that innocent people of Mumbai, of whatever faith, are not harassed in the name of high security and combing. We demand that the law should be fully used against all those who spread enmity among communities and nations.

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