On 4 th July 2006, the Communist Party of India organised a demonstration followed by a rally, near the Israeli embassy in New Delhi, against the bestial acts of war committed by Israel. Lok Raj Sangathan was among the organisations invited to participate in this event.

Speaker after speaker at the rally condemned the manner in which Israel had flouted all humanitarian norms in its latest aggression. They recalled the valiance of the Palestinians fighting for their homeland against all odds, and called upon the government of India to review its anti – people foreign policy. Comrade Amarjit Kaur recalled how the Palestinians were an inspiration to her right from the time her student days. Prof Achin Vinayak of the Delhi University recalled how the Palestinians were thrown out of their own lands after the world war and have been fighting ever since to regain their homeland. He, as well as many other speakers, pointed out that Israel is able to carry out its inhuman activities only because it has the full support of the US imperialists. Comrade Bardhan, General Secretary of the CPI, also addressed the rally. He congratulated the people assembled at very short notice to show their solidarity with the fighting Palestinian people. He also denounced the shift in foreign policy of the Indian government in recent years. For example, why was Bush invited here, he wondered, when so many millions of people were against it?

Speaking on behalf of Lok Raj Sangathan, Dr Venkatesh reiterated the demand made by other speakers that Israel must be made to withdraw from the Gaza Strip immediately. Lok Raj Sangathan calls upon all freedom – loving Indians to continue to stand by the Palestinians in their hour of need. While agreeing with the other speakers that Israel is able to carry out its nefarious crimes because it has the backing of the US imperialists, he pointed out that the Indian government too has been strengthening its ties with Israel in recent years. What is particularly dangerous is the fact that military ties with Israel are also being enhanced, to the extent that Israel is today the second largest supplier of military hardware to our country! LRS demands that the Indian government must immediately cut its military ties with Israel, he said.

Braving the oppressive heat, the participants boldly shouted slogans denouncing Israel, demanding that it withdraw from the Gaza Strip, and wishing success to the indomitable Palestinian people in their struggle to regain their homeland.

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