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Elections have been announced in 5 states of India during April and May, 2006. A large and growing proportion of the people of voting age are fed up with the fact that the political process is dominated by a handful of so-called recognized parties, which are trained at maintaining the status quo. The role of the people is reduced to being vote banks for these parties of the status quo. As a result, elections do not produce the kind of change that the majority of people would like to see.

In recent years, in one election after another, we have witnessed the emergence of new initiatives from among the people and their numerous organisations. There have been ‘water candidates’ and others who have attempted to place the issues of mass concern on the political agenda. There have been, and continue to be, hundreds and thousands of small parties and independent candidates who attempt, against heavy odds, to contest and defeat the candidates of the status quo parties. There have been candidates who have been selected through popular vote at mass meetings in their constituency. There are organisations that are experimenting with the formation of a parallel peoples assembly.

Lok Raj Sangathan supports all initiatives that are aimed at expanding the scope of democracy by breaking the monopoly stranglehold of the so-called recognized parties. Lok Raj Sangathan has taken such initiatives in earlier elections in Delhi , Mumbai and TN, and found very positive response from the peoples of the concerned constituencies. LRS supports all efforts at pushing for the solution of problems that concern different sections of our people. LRS would like to publicize such efforts and initiatives, so that different people and organisations that share this political aim can gain from the experience of one another.

So please write to us if you are:

  • participating in any form in any of the 5 state assembly elections;
  • working towards expanding the scope of democracy; and
  • fighting against the vote bank politics of the status quo parties.

Lok Raj Sangathan is an organisation that is committed to redefine and reconstitute the system of democracy and its political process so as to empower the people.

You can contact us at: lokrajsangathan@yahoo.com

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