Child-IMG_0009.jpgOn the evening of March 26, a political-cultural function was held in Khadar Extension area of Delhi, to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the martyrdom of Shahid Bhagat Singh and his comrades, Rajguru and Sukhdev. the program was organised by Hind Naujavan Ekta Sabha (HNES), together with some local organisations, the Bihari Samiti, the Bengali Samiti and the Bhagat Singh Brigade. Nearly 200 people, youth, children, men and women attended the program.

Colourful banners proclaiming the slogan of HNES – "Let us get organised, empower ourselves and change society!"- and others announcing the program decorated the podium from where the proceedings were conducted. The proceedings were conducted by two youthful and enthusiastic members of HNES, Santosh and Uma. They welcomed the participants and called upon the stage the Presidium, consisting of representatives of the participating organisations – HNES, Bihari Samiti, Bengali Samiti, Bhagat Singh Brigade and Lok Raj Sangathan.

Child-IMG_0011.jpgAn entertaining cultural program followed, organised with great creativity and initiative by the residents of Khadar Extension themselves. A group of five-year-olds, dressed in colourful costumes representing different parts of India and different communities, enacted a mime to the tune of "Saathi Haath Badhana", sung by one of the organisers herself. Other highlights of the cultural program included two group dance performances by young girls, a short skit based on the trial of Bhagat Singh and his comrades and an enthralling dance performance to a patriotic tune, by a group of local youth.

Speakers from all the participating organisations addressed the gathering and openly criticized those in power, whether they be the NDA or the UPA, for the sufferings of the working people. They congratulated the spirit and enthusiasm of the youth and highlighted the need for the youth of today to continue the struggle for a society free from exploitation and oppression, that Bhagat Singh and his comrades had been unable to see through to completion. The speaker from Lok Raj Sangathan referred to the slogan of HNES and the theme of the five-year-olds’ performance, to emphasise that we need to have political power in our hands in order to bring about those fundamental changes that our society is crying out for. She concluded that we ourselves need to get organised to take political power in our hands and that we cannot accept arrangements that ask us to tail behind the program of the existing political parties in power, who have committed untold crimes against our people.

Dance-IMG_0034.jpgAnother interesting feature of the program was an exhibition, highlighting the revolutionary views of Shahid Bhagat Singh and his comrades as well as some of the activities of the youth of Khadar Extension, organised under the banner of HNES, over the past year.

The program was characterised by wide and spirited participation by the residents of Khadar Extension. It reflected the deep longing of our youth and people for a just and humane society, without all kinds of disparities and discrimination, oppression and exploitation; it also symbolised their resolve to get organised to create such a society.



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